Raju Rastogi, the emotional Idiot

raju-rastogiRaju Rastogi, played by Sharman Joshi. Raju came from a poor family whose father was sickly. His sister was unmarried. He was the current able man of the family and because of that Raju bore the burden of sustaining the entire family. He also had the burden in his studies. Raju was someone who wanted to become an engineer unlike Farhan, and he was passionate about his field, too. Only that he was not as intelligent as Rancho. I must say that he was the weakest character among the three friends. He was especially weak when it comes to emotions. He was emotionally-driven most of the time, he was easily taken over by his feelings especially when he was pressured.

Raju Rastogi…is the emotional Idiot.

Raju was not a bad person. Like Farhan and Rancho, he had his own dreams and ambitions, too. However, when faced in difficult situations, Raju was not the type of person who could endure all the pressures and thus, attempted to commit suicide. That what makes him the weakest character among the three. Unlike Rancho, Raju allowed his emotions overtake him. That’s his weakness.

A lot of people in this generation are like Raju, too. People tend to let their feelings control them instead of them controlling their emotions. However, we see that Raju was regretful about that certain event in his life, and after that, he changed for good. I realized that no matter how weak a person is, we don’t have the right to judge him according to that area of his life.

In Raju’s life, I realized that even though we face difficult situations, we should always overcome it and not solve it by just throwing our lives away as if it’s a dirty rag. We should overcome our baggage. That even though we are tired, even though we have had enough to the point that we wanted to die, we should not by any means surrender, much worse to kill our selves. We should learn how to hope for the future, not only seeing what the present is. We should set out goals. We should always look forward what come next after this and that—because who knows, life is full of surprises, after all.

Raju Rastugi may have once wanted to abandon his life, but he was given a second chance to live and correct his life. It was good, however, what if he really died and did not make it? It would be such a waste to lose his future just because he was pressured by the present. I think his character is a great reminder to all of us that LIFE is PRECIOUS. We should not waste it for nothing. As for Raju, having Rancho as his friend also contributes a lot in developing his character. Just like to Farhan, Rancho did not give up on Raju, especially when he was always there in the hospital taking care of him. By then Raju realizes just how much his friends love and care for him, this also gives him hope and encouragement to fight for his staggering life.

There are a lot of people who are like Raju. And everyday there is at least one person who commits suicide all because he is pressured by his life—just like Raju. That’s why I don’t think that the character of Raju is good for nothing. His life reminds us that we should not do the same thing, and even if we already did, we opt to correct the mistake and live a changed life.

As someone from the series I have recently watched said, “Once you are born into this world, life is not enough to show love.” Re-watching 3 Idiots, I was reminded by that quote.

Raju is a great reminder to all of us that we should not forsake our lives just because the world is pressuring us. I think that if we are pressured by the world, we should not let our feelings push us to the corner. Let the world’s pressure take care of itself, instead, let us take care of our own self. We should value life because it is only given to us once, and we do not have the right to take it away from us.

In Raju’s point of view, I see that he wanted to end his life so that he could be released from the pressures around him. True, he could have been released from the pressures by dying, but what about the pressures left behind to his family—to his friends? What about the sadness they would feel by losing him? What about the pain? Dying is not the solution to all the problems. If people think the way Raju thinks, the world might become unbalanced. Thanks to Raju’s character, by the way, because of him we have realized how undesirable it could be to resolve into ending one’s life.



  1. rancho’s character was really nice, I’m still confused though how he got so rich. 😀 I think I’m gonna watch it for the 2nd time around. Nice review Nine.. 🙂



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  3. My personality (at present) bears so much of resemblance with that of Raju. This articles therefore, gave me a great deal of insight into my own mind and has surely put some sense into my mind. Thankyou! 🙂



  4. I do agree with your perception of Raju’s character, but to be honest, I couldn’t see any other way out either given the situation that forced him into suicide- [ SPOILER ALERT ] choosing between Rancho’s rustication or his own. What do you think he should have done, instead of jumping off the window?



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