This is College! This is IC.

I’m currently on my fourth year in college, sadly, I’m not an official 4th year, weird right? Well, to simply put, I’m irregular. I’m twenty-two years old, turning twenty-three this November, and often I feel like I’m already too old, yet I’m still stuck in my college department. I might sound like I’m complaining, actually, in reality, I’m just bored and often tired of my studies. However, just because I’m tired and bored, doesn’t necessarily mean I should give up my college.

I’m writing this because I feel accomplished despite my weariness from school, accomplished in a way that I’m too blessed to complain. Looking back, when I was a freshman in our department, I was so clean, neat, and a refreshing-looking gal. I go to school with polished school shoes, ironed uniform, young and innocent face masked with baby powder. I and my classmates, which I consider as my group of friends, often wondered why our seniors were so haggard-looking. We used to say, “What’s with them? They looked like they haven’t taken a bath!”

college life

A true comparison between a freshman and a Senior Student

I didn’t know then how it was like to live like a Senior. I didn’t know then how it was like in our Department. I didn’t know what it was like, not until when I became a Senior myself. Years and years passed, and when I climbed up the stairs of our College Department, I began to see the great change, the big revelation–

  • I’m no longer the clean, neat student
  • I’m no longer the fresh-looking first year from before
  • I’m no longer ironing my uniform, nor polishing my shoes
  • I’m no longer that student who participates in every Intramurals, time is gold, and therefore, Intramurals’ period means rest time from overloading projects
  • I’m no longer the shy woman, but the loud woman who laughs at every joke all because I lack sleep, thus, everything seems too funny for me

I’m not the fresh-looking first year anymore! I’m past beyond repair–oops–I mean, I’m past beyond that freshman years! I’m a SENIOR myself! And when I look in the mirror, I often remember those days wherein we used to say, “Look at the higher years, they’re so haggard, so stressed out.” I was like, “Okay, I am feeling what they’re feeling before.”

Looking back, and writing now, I feel like I wanted to make a documentary about our college life, I think it will be fun. Lots of pressure and lots of fun.

Are you…a college student, too? From what school then?


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