A Cup of Coffee Please!

Daily Prompt entry~

After a long day at work or school, what are your favorite ways to wind down and decompress?

I’m a student by day, worker by night, and a writer by dawn. Often times I overused my body and occasionally get dramatic–you know, most writers are dramatic just for the sake of being dramatic. But honestly, dramatic writers like me are not really dramatic at all in real life, alright, let’s just say not all the time. As for me, when I find myself really tired, and exhausted from school, or from my part-time work, I do either one of these things:

  • I just need rest, a nap will do, then I feel refresh again.
  • I eat foods, delicious foods.
  • I’ll be facing my computer screen and start writing random things, mostly humor or epic drama.
  • Write lyrics and poems while indulging myself with Christian music.
  • I nag my older sister by dancing funny moves in front of her, especially when I’m so stressed or so bored. Yes, I do that simply because her reaction entertains me, it inspires me not to get stressed out. Alright, it’s weird. To me it’s normal.
  • I go to malls alone and walk randomly without proper destination, most especially when I’m bored–sightseeing coffee shops.
  • MOST OF ALL, when those things mentioned above FAILS, I just drink a cup of coffee! Unwinding to me is actually drinking a cup of hot coffee, and viola, I’m the happiest person on earth!
  • MOST OF ALL NUMBER TWO, before I even do those things above, I actually take my silent moment and pray, or grab my Bible and worship.

Anyway, can anyone give me a cup of coffee? Pretty please? Hoho.


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