Anime Obsession

Daily Prompt entry~

Have you ever become obsessed with something? Tell us about something that captivates your attention like nothing else.

I was badly addicted to watching ANIME when I was a sophomore in high school. It went on until I was a freshman in college. And I got to the point where I participated in “costume playing” where I became a cosplayer myself.

free anime

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Anime characters captivated my youthful years, they dominated almost 90% of my life in high school. I drew mangas and wrote my own comics (most of them were tragic and very, very sad), wrote several fanfictions in the internet, and had indulged myself in anime forums. I was so into it that it ruined my social life. Honestly, I could barely leave my addiction to animes if it wasn’t for the help of the Lord.

I was already twenty years old when I decided to abandon animes–a decision that was so hard to me back then. But then I had finally realized how it has affected my emotions then, my personality, and my personal relationship with people, especially my intimacy with the Lord.

By the grace of God, however, and praise the Lord, I was able to overcome that obsession. And immediately upon surrendering that addiction to God, I was inspired to write a book testimonial about my experience with anime addiction. The Lord inspired me to write a book about it, entitled, “Anime Fanaticism: Is It Spiritually Harmful?” and upon which I automatically gained negative feedback from the world. It didn’t surprise me though, I was expecting it because I’m going against the culture.

I can’t please everybody about the book. But I believe that there people out there who might need to read it, this book might even help them in giving insights on how to control anime addiction.

Grab a free copy while it’s free! 

If you want to know how people think of my book, then you can read this writer’s book review at Deremoe. Behold, as expected, negative feedback from anime circle is heating up.


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