Why I hate soda and love coffee

I’ve never been fond of cola drinks before. When I was a kid I was forbidden to drink any cold drinks because it was bad for my health. I was not even allowed to drink or eat chocolate stuffs–now that’s a boring childhood! Anyway, out of curiosity, I often sneaked out from school (or house) and bought colas with my little allowance, then at the end of the day I would immediately get sick. Brilliant.

Soda Drinks

“Refresh Me Drinks!”

Why I hate soda?

  • Due to my weak childhood years, I wasn’t accustomed to cold drinks. I’m not used to it so I rather not love it. Presently however, I do drink colas after I eat meat just to override the ghastly taste of oil. But nah, I can’t drink a full cup of it–really sad.
  • If I drink sodas every day in life, then my life must be so boring. I don’t bother myself with cold drinks after a delicious meal–with the exception of pineapple juice, by the way!
  • Scientifically proven, too much sodas will kill you and me. I value my life and the health that the Lord has bestowed upon me, that’s why as much as I can I avoid them–sorrey SODA!
  • And lastly…I just literally hate sodas. Thank you!

I think this picture below will make you evaluate your drinking habit. Sorry SODA lover, I think I just need to post this image. The photo is not mine, by the way.

soda side effects

Why I love coffee?

  • Coffee is warm. But for some commercialized reasons, coffees are now even served cool–you know, coffee floats. Nah. Anyway, I’m always in love with warm drinks, so this basically explains why I love coffee, right?
  • Coffees are soothing to my throat, they’re like medicines to me.
  • I love the ambiance of coffee shops. A cup of coffee in someone’s coffee shop is a little luxury to me. Well, I don’t live a luxurious life but when it comes to coffees I don’t limit my wallet. Of course, I value money budgeting–and I have a spare budget for coffees!
  • Too much coffee has some bad effects, too. But at least not much unlike too much sodas. Keep in mind though that too much about anything is NOT GOOD. In my case, I drink more water after I drink coffee.

a cup pf coffee

  • Coffees have their own unique aroma! Each variety of coffee has their own smell, and this smell really captivates me. In a way, they give a refreshing feeling.
  • A cup of coffee in the morning is always AWESOME. Just awesome. Especially during rainy days.
  • Drinking coffee while I’m writing is magnificent. It adds a little drama to what I’m doing–or thinking. In a way or another, drinking coffee helps me in my brainstorming process.

Health note: Too much coffee is also not good. But then, I still hate SODAS!

What about you? Which one do you prefer? Let me know!


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