When I’m bored, I’m productive.

Daily Prompt entry~

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?

I’m a night owl woman, but I’m not always productive at nights. Ironic. Honestly, I am most productive at dawn, I can write up to 2 poems or conceptualize ideas in just one sitting. However, when I’m bored, really, really bored, my brain is then overly productive—why? Well, I’m bored and because of it I can easily make something out of nothing from those things around me.

5 major reasons why I get bored–

  1. Alone in the house or no one to talk to.
  2. Nothing to do that amuses me–no new movies, activities, etc.
  3. When “what I am doing now is what I did yesterday and previous days.”
  4. If there is no food or anything to eat
  5. Wednesdays–within a week, this is my most boring day for no apparent reason.

And so, when I get bored, my brain is amazingly active. Like, for example, when I have no one to talk to, I’ll just sit and face my boyfriend–computer, and start writing. It doesn’t matter whether I’m writing a new story, or continuing my unfinished novels, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a poem or an amateur lyric, what matters is that I’ve got to write something up or I’ll die in boredom–figuratively, of course.

In a way, there is a good disadvantage when I’m bored, because it automatically means I’m writing something good. But on the second thought, there is one disadvantage when I’m bored, and that is, I easily laugh at little things and I can’t get myself to stop.

Like what happened yesterday night, I was bored in our class because I was hungry, and I just laughed silently because I suddenly thought of our professor as “fried chicken” and my friend said to me, “Oh no, Jenine get a hold of yourself.”

“I’m bored.” I replied, restraining my laughs. “And it’s very dangerous when I’m bored.”

Because my brain is hyperly active.



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