Forgiveness Matters!

Photo Credits to Owner

Photo Credits to Owner

Daily Prompt entry~

I can’t stay mad at you:

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

I have an older sister who is presently studying Law. She is sarcastic and she is often mean to me especially when I’m just being sweet. That is only normal to her. She is often mean to other people, too, not that she bullies them, but because of her sarcasms it is often perceived as being mean. She doesn’t usually mean it. She is just like that.

Now, because of her sarcasms, I am often offended. Offended in a way that I can’t always understand why she won’t just be sweet to me whenever I’m having a sweet mode.

Like, for example, one time when I was about to leave the house because I’ve got daytime classes, and she was busy studying at her table. I opened the room door and said to her, “I’m leaving~ Give me a goodbye hug~” She just actually looked at me disgusted and then she shut me out. Then I stood by the door, shocked, and I processed to my brain why she shut me out. But I opened the door again, and said the same thing, then she shut the door again, saying something like, “Eww…as if.”

It offended me in a way but it wasn’t enough reasons for me to hold grudges on my older sister. And yes, I believe that forgiveness is necessary every time you are offended, and I do forgive her every time I am offended–even though sometimes she doesn’t know it.

Well, I love my sister too much that I couldn’t seem to get mad at her even though there are opportunities that I could have been. Besides, getting mad for too long is not healthy for my heart, and if I always exercise that negative feeling, it would complicate things more in life. And honestly, I don’t like complicated things.

I do forgive. But memories remain. Like everyone else, I forgive but I cannot forget.

It is said that a man is not designed to forget. I believe on that. Forgiveness, however, is really tough and difficult to gain. Especially when someone has wounded you so much. But then again, I believe that you must forgive in order for you to be forgiven also.



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