A Coffee Lover’s Perspective

blugre durian coffee

Durian Coffee, Blugre Coffee Shop SM Lanang

Sometimes other people don’t get why coffee lovers really love going to coffee shops, when you can just actually buy a commercialized coffee from any stores, which is actually cheaper and simpler to make. Well, it’s different if you go to coffee shops, different in a lot of ways.

For me it’s not all about coffee, but it’s also about the place and the soothing feeling you get whenever you look at the delicious cakes presented on each divider. It’s not about money, it’s not about luxury and show-offs, it’s about the feeling I get whenever I see lots of people going in and out to coffee shops wearing such different faces, it’s the joy I get whenever I sip my coffee and tastes that its good, and think to myself that “This is good coffee. And I’m not the only person who enjoys this coffee. The owner must be happy.”

If I’m the owner of a coffee shop, and I see that my customer is happy, I will be happy too.

That’s why, when people say that people who go to coffee shops are showing off, if they say that we spend money recklessly, that’s not actually the case for me, and perhaps others too. And I think that no matter how much we say it’s not about luxury, it’s something that other people won’t understand, unless they try to understand.

Health tips: By the way, if you drink coffee, be sure to drink a lot of water afterwards or any time later. You see, like sodas, coffee is not a substitute for water.



  1. I’m hooked~! I know the best coffee places in the CBD (Central Business District) of Invercargill and my all-time favourite is still ‘the southernmost Starbucks in the world’. If ever you go there, I’m the sour-pussed old goat sitting alone with demented grin, notebooks, pencils, and bucket of coffee. I walk in and float out … coffee is for savouring, Madame Coffee alone is my Goddess, and I love the ebb and flow of people. Coffaholic? I like the sound of that …



    1. Coffaholic?! Oh yes, that sounds great. I shall add that to my coffee vocabulary haha. Going to coffee shops and seeing the flow of people is refreshing to me, I don’t exactly know why but it seems entertaining. Anyway, I love Starbucks, too, but I rarely go to this franchise…I have tried almost every coffee shop in the city’s corner and still love to go for more.



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