“Lupin the Third” Movie

Lupin the Third the Movie

Lupin the Third the Movie 2014

The world’s best thief!

Lupin the third is here.

That’s the movie line in the trailer I recently watched. Japanese productions are nailing it up, really, they would even produce the movie of a well-known thief Lupin the Third, that’s so Japanese! Haha. Live action is their thing.

Anyone around my age should have known about Lupin the Third from childhood years, and well, who doesn’t know the clumsy inspector Zenigata? And the flirty, treacherous woman called Fujiko? And yes, Goemon is always present, and Jigen, too. As far as the trailer goes, the actors behind these characters are good except for Lupin, I think he doesn’t quite look like Lupin, but nah, the character he nails it.

Daisuke Jigen (left) Ishikawa Goemon (right)

Daisuke Jigen (left) Ishikawa Goemon (right)

Official Release

Now, this group of stupid, humorous thieves even got their own movie. It’s official release will be on August 30, 2014, just few weeks later after the release of Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Fire!

The release would be in Japan only. That’s quite sad. But well, wait after one to three months and the internet buddies would share it with us. Pirating is bad though.

Movie Plot

Lupin III (Shun Oguri), Daisuke Jigen (Tetsuji Tamayama), Ishikawa Goemon (Gou Ayano), Fujiko Mine (Meisa Kuroki) and Inspector Koichi Zenigata (Tadanobu Asano) meet. They face a powerful enemy and form the Lupin team in response. The Lupin team then faces the challenge of retrieving the “Crimson Heart of Cleopatra” locked away in a fort like safe. The treasure is thought to allow its owner to control the world.

What I say about this movie

Anyway, I think this movie is bad for the kids. Okay, okay, you should know by now that when it comes to children I’m very cautious in terms of movie genres. You see, if only my parents have known before that watching Lupin is a bad influence, they would have watched with us and taught us that “stealing” is bad, because no matter where you look at it, it has never been good to steal.

Watching this movie can influence a kid’s mind, so I recommend that this movie should be supervised by an adult. Well, movie is just a movie, all right. But let’s not take everything for granted. As responsible adults we should learn how to be responsible towards the children. And that includes the movie types they’re watching. We all know that whatever we see can affect us psychologically, agree or not?

Well, just saying.

For more details about this upcoming movie, go here:


Watch Lupin the Third Trailer


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