A WordPress Blogger

A WordPress Blogger



A WordPress blogger

Written by Jenine Silos


Clicks in the evening, account signing in.

A WordPress blog pops in the screen.

An open email to check what’s within,

Only to see a comment is pending.

Heart throbs like a sophomore teen,

Lips curve without you knowing,

Chubby cheeks flushed in pink,

All for a single comment.

Different tabs in one browser,

Multiple sites you scan and gather,

Only to seek the rightful answer:

“Wordpress traffic how to garner?”

The evening end with Mister Google,

Telling you to read further.

You click to read what’s within,

Only to find a WordPress blogger.

Clicks in the evening, a moon shining.

A WordPress blog pops again in the screen.

A follow button you end up clicking,

He follows back and you go “Hooray-ing!”

Motivation now kicks you in,

A pool of words inside your brain.

Fingers move like a bullet train,

Afraid to lose the ideas within.

Dawn sneaks in, the moon is tiring.

A WordPress blog still on the screen.

Traffic rushes in, stats increasing,

Only to find you’re sleeping.


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