Steve Jobs versus Bill Gates

Steve Jobs verses Bill Gates

Steve Jobs versus Bill Gates

I’m an IT student–which may surprise some of you by now. I’m not really a writer initially, but I love playing with words. Well, basically, I know who these two people are and their historical contributions to the IT world, they’ve become the models and inspirations of every student, not only in terms of technology but also in businesses.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Who are they, really? They’re the big people behind Apple and Microsoft. You might be wondering in what areas these two people are different in terms of success and personalities, and well, I often wonder too. Right now I’m gonna jot down their differences solely based upon my self-research and by watching the Pirates of the Silicon Valley.

Steve Versus Bill

  1. Steve is wise. Bill is wiser.
  2. Steve is a genius in technology, Bill is more like a strategist and a businessman.
  3. Steve is fundamentally odd, Bill is a geeky person
  4. Steve is a hot-tempered man, Bill is a philanthropist
  5. Steve has an attitude problem, Bill is a marketer so he’s good at communication
  6. Steve is self-obsessed, Bill is charitable
  7. And lastly, Steve is dead (may he rests in peace), Bill is still alive.

That’s my cents about these two historic people, but I’m not saying that you may agree with me, okay. You can have all your thoughts to yourself, I’m just sharing mine. Hoho.

If you want to read my articles about Steve Jobs’s successes and failures, refer to the link below.

Factors that Contributed to Steve Jobs Success and Failure



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