My First Work on Wattpad: ZION

Hello everyone, I’m back, and back again. I haven’t been blogging for awhile because I was too busy with my work, I barely sleep this week in fact! Wew. But I’m loving what I’m doing and well, nothing is really easy.

I just want to tell you all that I’ve recently posted my first series on Wattpad (what, you don’t know Wattpad?!) and to tell you honestly, I was really hesitant at first. Yes, I write stories but I don’t upload them online when it comes to “fiction”. However, a sudden circumstance made me post it on Wattpad, because well, I’ve been encouraged by my talented friend!

My Friend Named Jowee

His name is Jowee, by the way, this good friend of mine. Recently, I have known that he write stories, too, and that he’s a writer like me. That made me really shock, you know. He’s too young and I didn’t know that he’s also into writing. I immediately ask him if I can read his stories and he gave me the link–on Wattpad! Okay. Why am I even shock?

You see, he uploaded his action story on Wattpad using his name–not some penname (which basically means you want to hide your identity) or the like. And I was like, “Wow that’s some courage out there.” I think he’s brave to publish with his real name, I have never done that even though I’ve been writing stories since time immemorial.

Eventually, because of Jowee, I was encouraged to really upload my fiction stories online, even if Wattpad is a free app which gives me nothing in return, but then again, why not try? Initially, I published my story so that Jowee could read it on his phone–and that is my main reason. My second reason is that he encouraged me without him knowing, HAHA.

Thanks good friend of mine!

Trying Wattpad

My first series ever uploaded on Wattpad is entitled “ZION”, Book 1: The Pursuit of Positive Crime. It’s a sci-fi and lots of machines and action along the way.

zion the pursuit of positive crimeZion Synopsis:

Zion, a combat machine, is finally set out to complete his mission after his ten years of waiting. Set in a futuristic Cenyth, where humans and machines are fashioned in neon, Zion has to find his “mission” only to meet this person who is–despite the colorful city, still clad in his old-fashioned noble cloak. And…is he with a butler?!

Later in the story, Zion finds himself in the company of a hot-tempered noble lord, a butler, and a blind woman named Yolanda in the midst of a universal havoc. And much to his unexpected journey, the very person whom he needs to find is actually a…? Well, that’s a secret for now.

What is the reason behind Zion’s mission? Why did he have to wait 10 long years? Well, Zion himself doesn’t know, the only thing he’s concern about is to fullfil it. A sci-fi story with lots of action, humor, robots, flying ships and a whole pack of weird people and a combat A.I. joined together in the midst of machine invasion.

The chapters are to be uploaded on Wattpad only, though I will update my blog about the progress. Hope you will have the time to read ZION!

Read it HERE…


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