Zion: The Pursuit of Positive Crime Youtube Trailer

Zion, a combat machine, is finally set out to complete his mission after his ten years of waiting. Set in a futuristic Cenyth, where humans and machines are fashioned in neon, Zion has to find his “mission” only to meet this person who is–despite the colorful city, still clad in his old-fashioned noble cloak. And…is he with a butler?!

Later in the story, Zion finds himself in the company of a hot-tempered noble lord, a butler, and a blind woman named Yolanda in the midst of a universal havoc. And much to his unexpected journey, the very person whom he needs to find is actually a…? Well, that’s a secret for now.

What is the reason behind Zion’s mission? Why did he have to wait 10 long years?

A sci-fi story with lots of action, humor, robots, flying ships and a whole pack of weird people and a combat A.I. joined together in the midst of machine invasion.


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