Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy

My sister and I, along with our young uncle watched the Guardians of the Galaxy last Friday. It was indeed a relief that we were able to catch up the last show, because other cinemas didn’t offer it anymore. My first cent is that I dropped my mouth open!



Guardians of the Galaxy Opening Scenes

The movie opening starts with Star-Lord during his younger years, his real name is Peter Jason Quill. He lost his mother young due to cancer, and Peter was abducted by aliens right after his mother died. Since then, Peter grew up outside of his birth terrain. As the movie rolls Peter is seen dancing with his favorite song from childhood years, and well, that’s where Mr. Sony comes in. Lol. The Guardians of the Galaxy movie sure has nailed it–they got Sony on the big screen, from the beginning even to the end.

The opening scene started quite dramatically due to Peter’s mother’s death, I even almost cried, but when Peter grew up into a man in the outerspace, that’s where the fun begun.

The Brief Plot

Peter, who insists to call himself Star Lord, stole an orb from an abandoned place. This orb by the way is the cause of his galaxy adventure in the movie, which leads him to meet Gamora, Raccoon, Drax and Groot–yay for Groot fans! That orb is said to be the most powerful tool in the galaxy, it can destroy one planet in a blink of an eye, the main reason wherein it’s being chased out–especially by bad people like Ronan–the antihero of this movie.

Star Lord, Gamora, Raccoon and Groot met and involved themselves into a public fight which eventually put them into prison, and in that prison they came to meet Drax. Their fate got intertwined and they battle to escape out of the prison, led by the smart Raccoon.  They soon found out the great powers of the orb which Peter had in his hands, and they battle to hide it from Ronan’s reach. Of course, at the end, they won it over.

The thing is, HUMORS in the movie were everywhere! And I could not stop laughing myself out loud every time Groot talks–“I am Groot.” That’s his every day speech.

Movie Overall Rating

I’ll give this movie a nine stars out of ten. The humor, the plot, the graphics and actions are well organized. I must applaud at the director and actors of this movie. If you’re looking for action movies with humors, sense of lines, good plot, excellent graphics, and space and aliens–then Guardians of the Galaxy movie is the right deal for you. Give it a try! Buy the DVD and watch it. You won’t regret.

Movie Trailer

The movie trailer speaks the awesomeness of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but really, you will understand what I’m saying here more if you watch the movie!

My Personal Message

Well, how many Marvel Heroes do movies have to portray? How many heroes do we need in order to be satisfied? Hundreds? Number it. But this movie only shows that humans are in need of a Savior.

guardians of the galaxy comic

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Comics


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