Sherlock Holmes has a Robot Apprentice!

Sherlock Holmes and His Apprentice

Sherlock Holmes is a very famous detective character. I believe he’s the most outstanding fictional detective of all times–he is a classic character! And I believe no one can beat Sherlock Holmes in the detective world. He’s got the spotlight, oh yeah. But  what if….what if Sherlock Holmes actually has an apprentice? What if the apprentice is actually a robot from the future who went to past just to meet Sherlock Holmes and learn his “Science of Deduction?”

Well, it’s just a boring idea for a boring girl who waits patiently for the new BBC Sherlock Series. Oh please Sherlock Holmes come back sooner! Else I might end up writing this crazy story….okay…I’m actually writing it now!

The Story:

Sherlock Holmes meets Zion, an emotionless combat machine. John Watson struggles to endure his days full of two emotional idiots. But, okay, John is fine. They’re geniuses anyway.

The Prototype Apprentice of Mr. Sherlock Holmes

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