The Prototype Apprentice of Mr. Sherlock Holmes – #Quote1

prototype apprentice of sherlock holmes

“Okay! I’m done with you, Sherlock.” I begrudge, quite hurt of what he said. I turn around to walk towards the door and leave him alone with the freak stranger. I don’t care about Sherlock Holmes from this moment on!

I’m about to turn the knob open when Sherlock says, “So, what’s the other terms?”

Seriously? I really thought he would at least stop me from leaving the room. I can’t believe he’s my friend! Best friend!

“You will bring me to all of your cases.” Zion says. I stop turning the knob. That’s it! With a heavy heart, I walk back to them and sit next to Sherlock.

“I thought you’re leaving, John?” Sherlock asks when he notices that I sit next to him.

“I badly want to. But how am I suppose to leave you alone with this freak? If you’re bringing him to your cases, I might as well watch him with my TWO EYES.” I say as I point two fingers to my eyes, then point them to Zion, as if saying I’m watching you.

“Oh. That’s lovely, John. I didn’t know you’re very protective of me.” Sherlock smirks.



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