About Jenine



This section is intended for those people who came to know me by stumbling to my blog, website, and Facebook page. To my friends who already know me, well, you know me!

Hi there! Thank you for coming by at my personal blog. Here’s a hug for you! You can call me “Neen” or whatever is convenient for you, though I prefer Neen. I’m a writer and a local novelist. I write by the name of “ninesilos” and I enjoy writing Science Fiction, although I’m not limited to that genre. I write fiction and non-fiction, but my genres are mostly–slice of life, humor, action, science fiction, inspirational, musical or operatic, and tragedy.

I also do photography when I have leisure time. I am in love with black and white photography and compiled some of my taken pictures HERE. You can go and check it out. It’s for free use but make sure that you give credits to my site!

As for work, I’m currently working as an individual web developer and yes, if you want me to make your personal website then it will be great! That’s my major source of income so far.

Writing, however, is my passion before and now, and even tomorrow. On my free time I write inspirational articles, testimonies, or poems at my personal website. You can check it here http://writeforacause.org/ so come and take a look–I will be happy to see you around!

I also have other blog (this blog!), most intended for posting my recent photography compilations and writing challenges. My other website is http://ninesilos.com/so please come and visit me, too! I sure do love making friends locally, socially, and internationally!

Additionally, I write song lyrics. Yeah. If you go to my writeforacause website, you will see a lot of my song compilations there–lyrical poems specifically. If you’re a composer, maybe we can collab an inspirational music! If you have a song in your head, a tune, a melody without lyrics–you find me the right person to see! Okay that’s quite exaggerated. What I actually mean is that I AM OPEN FOR COLLABORATION. It’s my joy.

One more thing, I’m a Christian and I attend Maranatha Family Church in Davao City, wherein I teach the kids in the Children’s Ministry—oh how I love kids! And coffee, too. 🙂

Thanks and may God bless the works of our hands!

Random facts about me:

  • I’m an irregular 4th year student in Institute of Computing, USEP. And no, irregulars are not dimwits, we’re awesome. I study by day, I work by night, and I write by dawn–and you’re like, “seriously?” Oh, I drink coffee by morning.
  • 2015 (2016?), mark that calendar year. I’ll definitely graduate.
  • They call me “jack of all trades” because I know a lot, from writing to web developing, to PHP, to SEO, to social medias and etc, and yet, I am a master of none.
  • I’m very passionate when I do something that’s I’m passionate about. If not, I’m just mediocre about it, but I am determined to work hard.
  • At the age of twenty, I wrote my first indie book, entitled, “Anime Fanaticism: Is It Spiritually Harmful?” It was intended for free, but soon it wouldn’t be, so if you want to grab a FREE copy, grab it now when it’s still offered for free.
  • I work as Coach Gary Micheloni’s webmaster since 2012 to present.
  • I write articles and you can hire me anytime. Contact me for more details.
  • I created WriteForACause.Org. I write articles on that website. Please come and visit me there.
  • You can contact me through the form situated at the end of this page. Ask me about anything, preferably related to technology or innovations but not limited to that, or just give random thoughts. I’ll immediately respond via post or email. Thank you.

One fact about this site:

  • It was initially a requirement on our Techno class. Now I’m officially using this to promote my other works, may it be writing articles to web mastering.