Character Sketch 1.1

Narshaim race

This is my original character for the genre FANTASY, my first ever attempt under such category. It wasn’t me who sketched it though, my friend Alejbern did. I did create the character and Alejbern visualized it for me. Oh, I did the coloring haha. So hooray, thanks to my friend who is talented with his Paint Tool! This is a character for our collaboration and yes, I can’t say anything much as of now. But I hope this character will turn out good.

Character Facts:

Race: Narshaim

Place: Narsim Mountains

Physical Attributes: Taller than elves, slim, thin and white porcelain skins, glassy eyes and pure black with no irises, pale lips, short and colored hairs, beautiful creatures, proud and arrogant faces, wears robe most of the time.

Personality: Proud and arrogant. Territorial creatures. Seductive personality.