The Prototype Apprentice of Mr. Sherlock Holmes – #Quote1

prototype apprentice of sherlock holmes

“Okay! I’m done with you, Sherlock.” I begrudge, quite hurt of what he said. I turn around to walk towards the door and leave him alone with the freak stranger. I don’t care about Sherlock Holmes from this moment on!

I’m about to turn the knob open when Sherlock says, “So, what’s the other terms?”

Seriously? I really thought he would at least stop me from leaving the room. I can’t believe he’s my friend! Best friend!

“You will bring me to all of your cases.” Zion says. I stop turning the knob. That’s it! With a heavy heart, I walk back to them and sit next to Sherlock.

“I thought you’re leaving, John?” Sherlock asks when he notices that I sit next to him.

“I badly want to. But how am I suppose to leave you alone with this freak? If you’re bringing him to your cases, I might as well watch him with my TWO EYES.” I say as I point two fingers to my eyes, then point them to Zion, as if saying I’m watching you.

“Oh. That’s lovely, John. I didn’t know you’re very protective of me.” Sherlock smirks.



How to Train Your Dragon 2 – Toothless and Hiccup


The Movie and My Cents

When it was showing in the cinemas before, I was not able to watch it. I could not remember the reason why I wasn’t able to watch it, but I believe it was because I chose to watch another set of movie than How to Train Your Dragon 2. Now, when I come to think of it, it was such a waste that I didn’t choose this movie as the first choice.

Anyway, I was able to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 last 2 weeks ago, together with my younger siblings with a wide, flat TV screen at home. And man I must tell you, it was such an amazing movie! I couldn’t imagine how awestruck I was while watching it with my brothers and sisters. Yesness, How to Train Your Dragon 2 nailed it! I will not be ashamed or embarrassed to recommend this movie to people like you, because you see, it is worth the time effort!


How to Train Your Dragon 2 really stirs the emotions in you. Especially when it comes to Hiccup and Toothless’ relationship. I’m really touched by the way they value each other, you know. Aren’t you? Well, it has the hope and inspiration when it comes to friendship. It has the promise and hope for the future, and for having faith in someone you really love. This movie is really worth the time and money!



Hiccup here is already a grown up man. He’s grown up handsome! Really. Such cool animation. Hiccup still enjoys the adventurous life, he isn’t yet confident to take over his father’s role–of becoming the next town Chief. Due to his mother’s absence since birth, Hiccup feels like there’s still a missing part in him.  Midway, Hiccup meets his long lost mother. That’s the point where Hiccup finds his real identity, his completion of his incompleteness. It is revealed in How to Train Your Dragon 2 that Hiccup actually inherited his mother’s talent and passion about dragons.



Toothless here is stronger than ever. He is usually grumpy about Hiccup’s adventurous lifestyle, especially whenever Hiccup drops down to fly–because he’s often meet with danger.  I find that cute with Toothless you know, it is really obvious that Toothless is concern of Hiccup’s safety. In the nearing end of this movie, Toothless challenged the Alpha dragon just to protect Hiccup–of course Toothless won. Then he became the next Alpha. Hooray to Toothless!

It is also revealed in this movie that there are hidden powers in Toothless which have not yet discovered. Now, now, I’m looking forward to How to Train Your Dragon 3, ahhaha. I want to believe that there’s next! Toothless is yet to grow up and grow bigger, you know, or meet a new Night Furry.


Hiccup and Toothless sweet moment.

Sherlock Holmes has a Robot Apprentice!

Sherlock Holmes and His Apprentice

Sherlock Holmes is a very famous detective character. I believe he’s the most outstanding fictional detective of all times–he is a classic character! And I believe no one can beat Sherlock Holmes in the detective world. He’s got the spotlight, oh yeah. But  what if….what if Sherlock Holmes actually has an apprentice? What if the apprentice is actually a robot from the future who went to past just to meet Sherlock Holmes and learn his “Science of Deduction?”

Well, it’s just a boring idea for a boring girl who waits patiently for the new BBC Sherlock Series. Oh please Sherlock Holmes come back sooner! Else I might end up writing this crazy story….okay…I’m actually writing it now!

The Story:

Sherlock Holmes meets Zion, an emotionless combat machine. John Watson struggles to endure his days full of two emotional idiots. But, okay, John is fine. They’re geniuses anyway.

The Prototype Apprentice of Mr. Sherlock Holmes

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What if Sherlock Holmes is Real?

sherlock holmes

Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock BBC Series

My name is Jenine Silos and I’m a fan of Sherlock Holmes since time immemorial. And here I am thinking, what if Sherlock Holmes is real? Okay, I think that’s scary. I really do.

The character of Sherlock Holmes is pretty amazing, and I must say, that the honorable writer of this fictional detective, none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is purely genius! He has written his character very well and totally impressive, even Sherlock’s flaws are quite daunting. But that’s for a fictional character only–no personal feelings.

First of all, who is Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective character created by Scottish writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock is a consulting detective, well, that’s how he calls himself. Ever since his character publication in 1887, Sherlock Holmes has become one of the most historic fictional characters in the history of literature and even in mankind. Okay, that’s quite exaggeration. Sherlock has then appeared in many series, short stories, and even in the movies. He has become a classical fictional celebrity.

The latest hit series, Sherlock, aired on BBC, has even become one of my favorite Sherlock series of all time. By the way, if you haven’t watched it yet, you must–I’m telling you. Haha.

He’s not real. That’s the deal. He’s just a fictional character.

But what if Sherlock is real…

  • He’s a case-freak

Sherlock Holmes loves nothing but criminal cases, well, he does care for Doctor Watson though. He can’t live without a case. Imagine if you have a friend like that, or someone from your family members, I think that’s a problem…it will be really awkward inside the house. Every single day he will look for a new case, and when he’s bored, it’s thunderstorm!

  • He’s unsociable

I have some friends who are quite unsociable at times, but I can tolerate them. But if Sherlock is my friend then that’s different story, he’s unsocial skills are beyond my imagination. I might be able to tolerate a friend like Sherlock but, I really don’t know how long it could last. I might end up pushing him to come out of his shells, and he might not like it.

  • High-functioning sociopath

In the Sherlock BBC series, Sherlock Holmes considers himself as a high-functioning sociopath. If a real person is like that in real life, I think that will be the end of my private life, goodbye my secrets–Sherlock person is here. I can’t imagine my life with a person like Sherlock, who upon seeing my face will immediately deduct what has happened in my house, and that’s a total bizarre.

  • Mind reader

It’s connected to his high-functioning skills, and because he has ability like that, it is possible that he can read your mind, your thoughts. Not literally read the thoughts, but by observing your facial expressions and mannerisms, he surely can read you effortlessly. A friend like that in real life sounds amazing, and I have one in my list, and I’m telling you: it’s quite scary to hang-out with this kind of person! Other people may think that having a Sherlock friend is amazing, that it’s cool and awesome, however, I think the opposite. It will make you uneasy, especially of course, if you have inner secrets that no one should know. It’s uncomfortable for sure!

  • Has a strong fascination with violins…

Okay, of all Sherlock talents, this is the only thing that I have no complains in real life. Sherlock Holmes loves to play his violin, especially when he’s thinking, or depressed, and I think that in real life this should not be a problem. I have a friend who is a Sherlockian, and he too, has a strong fascination with violins, and I find it: cute, cool, and simply awesome. I have a strong admiration with violinists, anyway, Lindsey Stirling to name!

Sherlock Holmes must remain a fictional character…that’s it.

Of course, when it comes to Sherlock Movies, I am always fascinated by it. I find Sherlock’s character pretty amazing, he is cool yes, but only to a movie. Until now I couldn’t imagine that in real life there are people like that, maybe there are in some parts of the world, but I think I wouldn’t go as far as to know them, or make friends with them. As I’ve said, I think people like Sherlock is scary in real life. I have a friend, younger than me, who is somehow like that, and I think I wouldn’t want to add another one to the list.  In fact, when I see this friend of mine, I always tell him: “Don’t read me!” And he would just crack a smile.

Sherlock Holmes Images

sherlock quotes

sherlock why can't people think

sherlock holmes

Who is Diaval?

Diaval is a fictional character in the recent Disney movie “Maleficent.” He is portrayed by actor Sam Riley. Diaval is a shapeshifter and is considered to be Maleficent’s right hand man, and he is originally a raven.

Maleficent and Diaval (the crow)

Maleficent and Diaval (the crow)

Diaval in Maleficent

Diaval was a crow who randomly landed on Maleficent’s refuge at one time, annoyed by the bird, Maleficent drew him away. The second time Maleficent met Diaval (he was still a crow by this time) he was caught in a net initiated by the mortals. Maleficent who was witnessing the capture in progress from afar cast a spell and muttered, “Into a man!” The black crow slowly turned into a human, a man specifically, and that became Diaval. Maleficent turned him into a man so that he can be saved from the humans captivity.

Who named Diaval?

It wasn’t Maleficent who named Diaval. She asked him what he wanted to be called and he said “Diaval”, so from then on he was known as Diaval. In gratitude to Maleficent’s help, Diaval vowed to serve Maleficent with his life. Little did he know, Maleficent would turn him into many shapes and objects. Sometimes Diaval is a wolf, sometimes a horse, but most of the time he is turned into a man. Well, I think that’s more convenient for Maleficent.

Is Diaval Aurora’s Prince Charming?

In the movie, I would have first thought that Aurora’s Prince Charming was Diaval all because Diaval was obviously concern of the child’s well-being. But he wasn’t the Prince Charming! When Aurora was still a baby it was Diaval (the crow one) who fed her hungry stomach with some flower juice since the three pixies failed to do so, he even moved the swing for her and I find that cute for a black bird.

Diaval looking worried at Aurora.

Diaval looking worried at Aurora.

diaval and aurora

Aurora’s first meeting of Diaval (though Diaval and Maleficent have been always with her)

Diaval’s Character

Diaval’s personality is complaining and though he is a bird he brings out to himself a human nature, well, Disney and movie do anything they want. He complains a lot whenever Maleficent turns him into anything, but despite this, he still loyally serves the hero-witch. Because of his servitude to Maleficent, I think it’s still better that Diaval didn’t end up with Aurora, so that he can end up with Maleficent in the long run, aha!

Diaval’s “Into a Dragon!”

In the final fighting scenes in the movie, Maleficent turned Diaval into a dragon. That’s the biggest and the strongest shape Diaval has ever become. I feel sorry for Diaval though, because he gains a lot of wound scars all over his body due to his servitude towards Maleficent. Well, it can’t be helped, he’s a servant.

Diaval "Into a Dragon"

Diaval “Into a Dragon”

I don’t think that this is the best movie of the year though. And honestly, I think that this movie ruins my childhood perspective towards the evil witch Maleficent, haha. But nah, just a movie. Here’s the awesome actor who portrayed Diaval by the way. Take a good look!

The Actor behind Diaval

Sam Riley as Diaval

Sam Riley as Diaval

Here’s a little humorous comic I found somewhere in the internet, it’s Diaval, Aurora, and Maleficent’s comic. It’s not mine okay, credits are due to the respective owners.

diaval comic