The Disease of Wattpad Site

wattpad disadvantage

So, I logged in to my Wattpad account earlier and this is what I got. Yesterday too it was like this. Don’t get me wrong but, I love Wattpad, I really do and even write my stories in there. But I just don’t get it why a big company like Wattpad often suffers this “downtime” to their site. It doesn’t happen twice in a row, it happens every week!!!

I have no complains about their mobile application, but whenever I log in to their desktop website I often get this “maintenance mode” that somehow I think it’s a recurring disease. I know a reading website similar to Wattpad but I don’t suffer downtime there, I really hope Wattpad see this issue as an urgent need. It’s very inconvenient to other people like me.


300 Rise of an Empire: Seriously Not Recommended for Kids


I recently watched the movie “300 Rise of an Empire” with my cousin and Uncle at home. It was the follow-up to the 2007 film “300” taking place before, during, and after the events of the latter film. Honestly, I was itching to watch this film because I was fond of 3oo before, and simply because I liked the actor behind King Leonidas. Here came we watched it, and there was too much blood that my eyes couldn’t take.

In the first part of the movie, I was enjoying it. But there  was blood here and there, and then later on the fighting events became more gross, more evil and heartless. I tried so hard to endure the bloodiness. I even screamed at one point when a Persian soldier sliced the Greek soldier’s head into two, and it was so clear, so vivid, and so detailed. Blood gushing out directly from head, cut arms and legs, brutal piercing of sword and sliced intestines.

Immediately upon seeing those brutal war, I remembered my younger brother, Egay, aged thirteen. Just some days ago, I remembered he bought a DVD of 3oo Rise of an Empire, and I was suddenly distraught. I said to myself, “Oh no! Egay shouldn’t watch this! No, no, no. Kids mustn’t watch this kind of movie! It’s too brutal to be true!”

And then I grabbed my phone and sent this message to my Mom:

“Did Egay watch the movie 300 already? If not, please, please, please tell him not to watch it. Tell him Ate Neen doesn’t recommend that movie to him. It’s too brutal and gross, totally not good for kids. Thanks Mom.”

Then Mom said, “Not yet. I’ll confiscate it from him then.”

I WAS TOTALLY RELIEVED when Mom said that he hadn’t watch it yet. Because you see, the movie was good, the story was good, the production was good–but it was not good for kids to watch such brutality! It can traumatize the kids mentality, you know.

Yes, most kids do understand the war concepts, and it’s really a good thing if you make them understand the fighting stuff. In fact, parents should watch with their kids together, and make then understand the complicated parts of the movie. However, 300 Rise of an Empire was too much of brutality, too much war, too much blood and really, really gross.

So, as an older sister of four siblings, I don’t highly recommend this movie to kids like them. I don’t know about you. But I hope you understand my point.

You don’t like your kid watching a brain gushing out from a human’s skull, do you?

Japanese Letters

This is my first entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: LETTERS. Below are my Japanese books that help me to understand Japanese language in a self-educated way. I’ve been fond of Japanese culture ever since time immemorial, learning how to understand their letters and their way of speech entertains me. Well, learning a new language is like learning a new skill. And I just never stop learning!!!

Forgiveness Matters!

Photo Credits to Owner

Photo Credits to Owner

Daily Prompt entry~

I can’t stay mad at you:

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

I have an older sister who is presently studying Law. She is sarcastic and she is often mean to me especially when I’m just being sweet. That is only normal to her. She is often mean to other people, too, not that she bullies them, but because of her sarcasms it is often perceived as being mean. She doesn’t usually mean it. She is just like that.

Now, because of her sarcasms, I am often offended. Offended in a way that I can’t always understand why she won’t just be sweet to me whenever I’m having a sweet mode.

Like, for example, one time when I was about to leave the house because I’ve got daytime classes, and she was busy studying at her table. I opened the room door and said to her, “I’m leaving~ Give me a goodbye hug~” She just actually looked at me disgusted and then she shut me out. Then I stood by the door, shocked, and I processed to my brain why she shut me out. But I opened the door again, and said the same thing, then she shut the door again, saying something like, “Eww…as if.”

It offended me in a way but it wasn’t enough reasons for me to hold grudges on my older sister. And yes, I believe that forgiveness is necessary every time you are offended, and I do forgive her every time I am offended–even though sometimes she doesn’t know it.

Well, I love my sister too much that I couldn’t seem to get mad at her even though there are opportunities that I could have been. Besides, getting mad for too long is not healthy for my heart, and if I always exercise that negative feeling, it would complicate things more in life. And honestly, I don’t like complicated things.

I do forgive. But memories remain. Like everyone else, I forgive but I cannot forget.

It is said that a man is not designed to forget. I believe on that. Forgiveness, however, is really tough and difficult to gain. Especially when someone has wounded you so much. But then again, I believe that you must forgive in order for you to be forgiven also.

When I’m bored, I’m productive.

Daily Prompt entry~

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?

I’m a night owl woman, but I’m not always productive at nights. Ironic. Honestly, I am most productive at dawn, I can write up to 2 poems or conceptualize ideas in just one sitting. However, when I’m bored, really, really bored, my brain is then overly productive—why? Well, I’m bored and because of it I can easily make something out of nothing from those things around me.

5 major reasons why I get bored–

  1. Alone in the house or no one to talk to.
  2. Nothing to do that amuses me–no new movies, activities, etc.
  3. When “what I am doing now is what I did yesterday and previous days.”
  4. If there is no food or anything to eat
  5. Wednesdays–within a week, this is my most boring day for no apparent reason.

And so, when I get bored, my brain is amazingly active. Like, for example, when I have no one to talk to, I’ll just sit and face my boyfriend–computer, and start writing. It doesn’t matter whether I’m writing a new story, or continuing my unfinished novels, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a poem or an amateur lyric, what matters is that I’ve got to write something up or I’ll die in boredom–figuratively, of course.

In a way, there is a good disadvantage when I’m bored, because it automatically means I’m writing something good. But on the second thought, there is one disadvantage when I’m bored, and that is, I easily laugh at little things and I can’t get myself to stop.

Like what happened yesterday night, I was bored in our class because I was hungry, and I just laughed silently because I suddenly thought of our professor as “fried chicken” and my friend said to me, “Oh no, Jenine get a hold of yourself.”

“I’m bored.” I replied, restraining my laughs. “And it’s very dangerous when I’m bored.”

Because my brain is hyperly active.