Davao’s Hidden Gems

Here ye, here ye! Here I come with Davao’s hidden gems! Where is Davao, you ask? It’s in the Philippines! It’s the biggest city here in my country, in fact, it is considered as the biggest city in the world, and the safest city in the country! We have a really low criminal rate in Davao, and yes, it’s been a tourist spot ever since time immemorial! Okay, enough with my rants. You want to see and know more about Davao, Philippines?! I got you some hidden gems here!

D’leonor’s Park

It’s a private owned park and a very best one you may add. But since the place is quite far from the city it hasn’t been too publicized.

Okay, of course, D’leonor’s scenery is very awesome.

Hanging Bridge at D’leonor

This is what they call “600 steps” in D’leonor. I’ve taken the steps, mind you, very tiring but fulfilling!

Camp Holiday and Samal Islands

The beaches in Samal are super cool, fresh and relaxing.

The beaches in Samal are super cool, fresh and relaxing.




Green Coffee

This coffee shop is just new to the city, some of the people here have not yet discovered the greatness of their coffee, but I shall tell you anyway, that Green Coffee is really worth a TRY!

LOCATION: You can find the Green Coffee Shop at J.P Laurel Avenue, going to Sasa, just few walks from Davao Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As for the transportation, if you’re from downtown you can just ride on Route 4 Jeepney. There is also a branch of Green Coffee shop at SM Lanang Premier, 2/F.

Green Coffee is a new local coffee shop here in Davao, but it's name and coffees are already viral around the city! I recommend having their cup of coffee, and cake! It's very delicious.

Green Coffee is a new local coffee shop here in Davao, but it’s name and coffees are already viral around the city! I recommend having their cup of coffee, and cake! It’s very delicious.

Me in a one afternoon at Green Coffee Shop, Bajada, Davao City.

Green Coffee’s cake is delicious! I love their cakes.


It’s a small Japanese restaurant here in Davao City, not very known to some people, but if you really love Japanese cuisine then Tadakuma is the real deal. I found this place when my older sister brought me there, and mind you, since then I have been coming back–and often times with my young uncle, cousin, and friends!

Location:  Damosa Complex, J.P. Laurel Ave, Dabaw 8000

Tadakuma’s ramen soup is the best of all Japanese restaurants’ I have ever been. Too sad not everyone knows it.

Me struggling in my ramen???! Haha.

Davao People’s Park

People’s Park is Davao’s public park, and yes, since it’s public its FREE for everyone else!


People’s Park in Daylight – Birds are Everywhere HERE!

davao-peoples-park1 Every morning people come at People’s Park to do some morning exercise and everything is for free!


Davao is rich in fruits, especially Durian, pineapple, and fresh bananas! In People’s Park there’s a big fruit float there!

I’d be posting more HIDDEN GEMS so keep in touch!


My AirBnB Bucketlist!

AirBNB Bucketlist

This is my Airbnb symbol! Cute, isn’t it? Grab yours now if you want. Haha.

Here I am! With my AirBnB Bucketlist! Oh well, I found this new way of travel and listings to be one of the most convenient way of travelling in different cities. I think this is very unique!

Do You Love Travelling and in Need of Space?

If I plan to travel outside the country and in need of comfy rooms to stay for the nights (say I want to go to Singapore, and want to rent a space), I can easily browse it on AirBnB website and viola–I will know where to find the place! Good thing also that AirBnB website has some pictures of the space rentals, in which it will give me a clear imagery of what kind of place I’m going to stay!

This is so lovely! We want to know what kind of place where going to stay at, right, RIGHT? So this is just simply amazing…it makes the travel way too easy! And it makes the space searching too easy to locate–AirBnB has totally nailed this strategy!

Private Rooms to RENT while on Travel?

AirBnB listings has it organized for you!

Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 192 countries!

You can go to their website for more details, then you can look for space  or rooms near the city that you’re currently staying–or planning to stay. There are private rooms near the aiports of the place you’re going, there always is, but sometimes it takes time for us to search for this room, but AirBnB website has compiled it all for us. If you’re in a hurry, this can make your life easier.


Say, I’m planning to tour around Singapore because it’s an open country, so if ever I’m ready to go there, it will be convenient for me because I don’t have to apply for a VISA. I searched the possible rooms near the aiport and I found these places, so I saved this on my bucket list, I know it will be beneficial later in my travelling!

You can check out the rooms I’ve liked, in fact, I added them on my AirbnbBucketlist. Perhaps you might plan to travel somewhere too, Airbnb can help you out!

See the room rentals and prices here: MyAirbnbBucketList

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