What Keeps Me Busy Lately?

Busy Woman at MediaSilosI’ve been very busy with my current job these past few weeks, so busy that I don’t even have time to hang out with my old friends. I don’t even have much time with my older sister now, since we don’t usually meet unless it’s evening. My work eats up even my blogging schedule, coz I don’t often update my blog site. What keeps me so busy? WORK.

But yay, congrats to me, I’m working at my OWN office–praised be to God! Yes, yes, yes, that’s right. I have my own office now, my own cube at Davao Chamber of Commerce and Industry corporate building. It’s the first time ever that I got an office, and it’s my personal and business use, thanks to God who has provided well for me. He has orchestrated everything for me.

I’m currently making websites for the local clients, and my target are small business entrepreneurs around the city–which means, I’m usually meeting business-minded people, and that includes big men in Davao City, too. I’m also working with my long-term client from Canada, Gary, for new services–thanks to God, we’re brainstorming and developing new services for our potential clients–locally and internationally.

Recently, I’ve been busy in my office and I’m often out of sight from my old friends, but, it’s ok. This is just the stepping stone, after I fully establish this business, it will grow more, only then it becomes a blast. I have to personally maintain the business since I’m just starting it, it is important to monitor your own business first, before you entrust someone to manage it.

Fortunately, glory to God, my business not only caters web developing, but I plan to expand to printing: tshirts, mugs, badges and pins, stickers, flyers and tarpulins. My older brother will invest in the machines and I will manage it, too, and I’m praying that this business will grow. If it grows, I can hire more people, and in one way or another, I can offer jobs to unemployed people.

I make websites for a very affordable price, by the way, since I target those small businesses who tend to become aloft when it comes to website budget. If you’re one of them, please do drop me a message and we can negotiate. Webinars and video conferences might be one of my services, too. So please look forward to it.

Thankful to God’s provision, Neen.