Domain Name: Why Is It Important?


So, I just bought another domain name. Haha. My other writing site is called WriteForACause.Org, and I bought it two years ago. This time, I bought a new domain from Automatic: This web address now points to my WordPress blog, which was previously addressed as : This will be my extension of my writing career, and perhaps my ramblings about my work, the workplace, workmates, my city and other personal and professional matters.


Is Buying Your Own Domain Name Important?

If you’re just a blogger who wants to blog to express yourself, or a student who wants to post your school ramblings, then you don’t actually need to buy an exclusive domain name. WordPress allows you to blog as much as you want without buying your own domain, and it’s for FREE. However, if you’re a professional someone and wants to have a website which you can call your very own, buying a domain name is better because it makes your website or blog more professional.

Also, in buying a domain name it gives you more privileges, like for example, if you want to monetize your site then of course you have to get your own domain name, because most advertising companies want it that way. If you want to monetize your blog, buying domain name is important, simply because it’s one the requirements.

Additionally, by getting your own domain name you’ll increase your traffic. It’s like you’re saying to the search engines: “Hey, you, I’m legal! Come and find me.”

So, is domain name REALLY important?

Yes, it is. But it depends upon the kind of website you want, or the “lifestyle” of your blog. Whether you buy your own domain or not, is eventually up to you.

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