Coach Jenine

Hairu, everyone! Jenine Silos here. I’m also known as “ninesilos” in the writing community called WATTPAD. Yes, I write stories and everything else. Due to the public demand (echos! huehue) I’m going to embrace a new chapter of my life–to coach the aspiring writers as they explore their writing journey.

A Wattpader emailed me to politely ask if I’m willing to coach them, said she is also interested to learn more about writing. And I was like, “This is it!” Of course I would like to help these young and aspiring writers. So here I am. Coach Jenine at your free service.

Interested to Join?

For a start, please add me to your Twitter account if you’re one of those who wants to learn with me. Add me @ninesilos. You did already? Wow that’s great. So the next step is like my official Facebook page so you are thoroughly updated of what’s happening — LIKE FB PAGE. If you’re a Wattpader, you can also follow me to my account @ninesilos.

Hey, don’t go bashing me as to why I want you to follow my accounts, alright? Of course if you want to learn and get in touch with me then you really have to follow my social media accounts. Agree? Good, that’s for a start.

I really want to extend my help, and mold YOU in your writing skills. But on the side note, I’m a busy career woman, too. And so I have decided to limit first the slots of my coaching program. I would start with a minimum of 10 aspiring writers up to 50 max. If you’re really interested then I want you fill up this form: REGISTER

For more details, please read.

A little touch of my background

I’m a Christian and a teacher in Children’s ministry for 3 consecutive years up to present. I own and manage WriteForACause — a writing community website for our young writers in the church. I’m currently assisting Mrs. Casey Miller in developing our young writers’ group, thus, we meet with these young writers once a week.

I’m a writer in Wattpad and Booktrack. I published 7 stories in Wattpad itself with the following titles: The Assassin’s Killer, Zion Series, Secretly Dating, The Family According to Maoser Cornerstone, Lord of the Strings and the Prototype Apprentice of Mr. Sherlock Holmes. I’m not well known in Wattpad and I don’t crave for publicity there, my only goal is to share my ideas and stories to those who are willing to read them.

One of my stories though has been recently featured in an eBook platform called Booktrack. The Booktrack team emailed me informing that they have added my story entitled “The Assassin’s Killer” to their featured stories. What more, now it’s one of the most popular stories in that reading platform. I can say that’s quite an achievement for me. Glory to God.

Additionally, I’m one of the admins in our city who organizes local Wattpad Meetups. The organizer is Yuijean and I’m one of the admins who help her with the event. We started this last year. And now we’re organizing another Wattpad Meetup this coming May, specifically in Davao City, Philippines.

Email Coach Jenine:


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