I’m a Writer. Hire Me!

Hello everybody, this is Jenine Silos from WriteForACause.ORG–your daily dose of Christian Living. I’m your freelance article writer. If you’re in great need of an article writer, behold, you found the right place, right person, right time and in a very affordable rate! I write for the following categories:

  • Real Estate
  • Culture
  • Internet Marketing
  • Home and Gardens
  • General Reviews
  • Web and Music
  • Writing Tips
  • Technology
  • Family, especially children related
  • Tips and Recommendations
  • Faith and Christianity

What I Really Write

  1. 100% Original Article
  2. Article Re-writing

My advantages as an effective article writer:

  • 100% efficient in communication skills
  • I do effective research before I write any topic
  • SEO Specialist, keyword master
  • Always on time to finish the work
  • I accept revisions up to three times for FREE
  • I don’t limit imaginations but values the original concepts
  • Accept mistakes professionally and strives to do better
  • A continuous learner of things
  • Keen and observant
  • Thinker
  • Knows British and American English, but is not limited to both. I also accept writing in Tagalog and Visaya.

My disadvantage:

I often use British English in constructing my works. Most often than not, clients want American English, but I seldom use American, unless the client demands it from me. In hiring me, please let me know your language specifications. I do refuse clients who don’t meet my writing specifications.

My Friendly Rate

I believe in the system of “the cheaper you are, the higher you’re in demand, and the higher it gets, the more connections you build.” In other words, I don’t only write for dollar’s sake, but I write to entertain and to build relationships with clients across the globe. On the second thought, I’m a writer who writes in a negotiable rate. You can hire me to write your articles as low as $1 up to $5 in maximum. Please contact me for more details.



There is joy in communication, let's talk.

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