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The Assassin's Killer by ninesilos

The Assassin’s Killer

Cyron Black is a top-rated assassin. His assassin name is Cytus Code, or simply CC, the most wanted criminal in Los Angeles. He kills for money and for killing boring nights. Unknown from everyone, CC is a stupid, dumb police officer who has an endless craving for sweets in L.A.P.D. who hides in a facade to cover up his real personality.But what happens if he decides to protect his target instead of assassinating it? Will he succeed in this sudden turn of event? Will he be assassinated himself? Or will he finally…fall in love? Is it even possible for an assassin like CC? Find out in his life full of masquerade. Updated once or twice a week.

Secretly Dating

 Secretly Dating!

Pano kung gumising ka bigla na gusto mong pakasalan ang bestfriend mo? Pano kung gusto mong hilingin na ikaw na lang sana ang babaeng mahal niya? Ngunit pano kung alam mong hindi SIYA ang ibibigay ni Lord sayo? Will you let him go or itotolerate mo na lang ang pakikipagkita sa kanya? Kahit alam mo namang ibang babae ang laging buka ng bibig niya.

This is the story of Aryen Dela Cerna.

And these are the struggles of a Christian woman in love…


Lord of the Strings

The story tells the life of a frustrated artist and musician, Vivien Del’a More. She’s a twenty-three year old woman who entered the world of technology, but her heart seeks the core of arts and music. It was her dream to study a formal education about films, scriptwriting, theatre and composing, or anything related to arts. But due to her family and lack of confidence to herself, she remained hidden away to the world of arts.

Despite the tight schedules of her life, and in spite of her odd circumstances, she remained true to her passion: she kept writing stories and short classical librettos—only that no one knew of it. She almost gave up her dreams, until she met a young violinist who would change it all—the violinist Edgar Cordes.

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Sherlock Holmes and His Apprentice

The Prototype Apprentice or Mr. Sherlock Holmes


Sherlock Holmes meets Zion, an emotionless combat machine. John Watson struggles to endure his days full of two emotional idiots. But, okay, John is fine. They’re geniuses anyway.

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zion the pursuit of positive crime Zion

Book 1 : the Pursuit of Positive Crime


Zion, a combat machine, is finally set out to complete his mission after his ten years of waiting. Set in a futuristic Cenyth, where humans and machines are fashioned in neon. Zion has to find his “mission” only to meet this person who is still clad in his old-fashioned noble cloak. And…is he with a butler?!

Later in the story, Zion finds himself in the company of a hot-tempered noble lord, a butler, and a blind woman named Yolanda in the midst of a universal havoc. And much to his unexpected journey, the very person whom he needs to find is actually a…? Well, that’s a secret for now. What is the reason behind Zion’s mission? Why did he have to wait 10 long years?

A sci-fi story with lots of action, humor, robots, flying ships and a whole pack of weird people and a combat A.I. joined together in the midst of machine invasion.

“A man is killed by his own invention. The tragic thing is, he allowed it.” — ZION

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