Deliciously Green Coffee

Sweets at Green Coffee Shop

Sweets at Green Coffee Shop

Coffee is like water to me, only that coffee isn’t water. You can’t drink coffee and taste nothing, because unlike water, coffee tastes good, and it smells good. I have been a coffee lover ever since my older brother introduced this aromatic drink to me, it was way back in high school.

I go out and do coffee shop hunting around the city, especially when I’m feeling distressed or if I just want to unwind, or if sometimes I feel like rewarding myself. Admittedly, this coffee madness is costly. But I don’t just spend money like crazy, I make sure that when I spend money to coffee shop, then it must be worth it.

One of the best coffee shops I have been in Davao is the one called “Green Coffee Shop.” My friend introduced this shop to me when we hang out together, and well, I’m super glad she did! Green Coffee Shop is new but it’s already spreading its awesomeness around the city, and among my coffee lover friends. I shall say the shop deserves it. Their milk teas are super awesome!

green tea coffee
One of their best sellers is “Freeziccino” and oh well, the taste would still linger! I would like to have another cup of Freeziccino again when I have time. I forgot how much it cost but, but I think it was around PHP180 or plus.
green tea almond

Sometimes I think that if I keep on nurturing this coffee madness, I might go bankrupt–just kidding! The thing is, I do save an allotted budget just for coffee shops. Due to my love for coffee, I sometimes have a desire to put one as a business in the future, and hopefully I can. As of now, I enjoy being a customer.

If you haven’t been gone to Green Coffee Shop yet, I recommend that you must, maybe not now, but when you have time and budget. It is worth the coffee experience!


You can find the Green Coffee Shop at J.P Laurel Avenue, going to Sasa, just few walks from Davao Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As for the transportation, if you’re from downtown you can just ride on Route 4 Jeepney. There is also a branch of Green Coffee shop at SM Lanang Premier, 2/F. If you go there, you might see me, too. Haha! Who knows!

P.S Going to a coffee shop sometimes add a little drama to my writing hours.

Are you a coffee lover? Let’s hang out!


A Coffee Lover’s Perspective

blugre durian coffee

Durian Coffee, Blugre Coffee Shop SM Lanang

Sometimes other people don’t get why coffee lovers really love going to coffee shops, when you can just actually buy a commercialized coffee from any stores, which is actually cheaper and simpler to make. Well, it’s different if you go to coffee shops, different in a lot of ways.

For me it’s not all about coffee, but it’s also about the place and the soothing feeling you get whenever you look at the delicious cakes presented on each divider. It’s not about money, it’s not about luxury and show-offs, it’s about the feeling I get whenever I see lots of people going in and out to coffee shops wearing such different faces, it’s the joy I get whenever I sip my coffee and tastes that its good, and think to myself that “This is good coffee. And I’m not the only person who enjoys this coffee. The owner must be happy.”

If I’m the owner of a coffee shop, and I see that my customer is happy, I will be happy too.

That’s why, when people say that people who go to coffee shops are showing off, if they say that we spend money recklessly, that’s not actually the case for me, and perhaps others too. And I think that no matter how much we say it’s not about luxury, it’s something that other people won’t understand, unless they try to understand.

Health tips: By the way, if you drink coffee, be sure to drink a lot of water afterwards or any time later. You see, like sodas, coffee is not a substitute for water.

A Morning Cup

I wrote this poem in participation for the Weekly Writing Challenge, from the Daily Post. Essentially, the whole content of this poem is inspired by my housemates–my sister, my young Uncle, and my cousin. We have different tastes in life, different tasks we are busy about, and different perspectives–but we never forget to smile to one another and care for each other. Despite the busy-ness, each Sunday morning is completed by a morning cup–of coffee! Of course.

A Morning Cup

Tweets in the morning, birds singing
A faint melody is heard nearby.
An open window for a morning air
Bushes sway like a dancing ballet
Lovely cheeks—softly touched by the early sun
The blue horizon, welcomed by a morning yawn.

Minutes, the legs are moving, arms stretching.
Then “Morning” words within the corners
Smiling lips above the ground,
Greeting, praying, and some are silent
Each is busy in his own interest.

A round table—set with morning goodies
Bread—sweet and leavened,
Cookies on a plastic plate,
Rice and egg for the sweet-less lover
Delighted glory—for a set of groupies
Different food, same smell of aroma
Different tastes for the morning haste,
A Sunday morning,
Completed by a morning cup.

A morning cup pf coffee

A cup of coffee please?

Why I hate soda and love coffee

I’ve never been fond of cola drinks before. When I was a kid I was forbidden to drink any cold drinks because it was bad for my health. I was not even allowed to drink or eat chocolate stuffs–now that’s a boring childhood! Anyway, out of curiosity, I often sneaked out from school (or house) and bought colas with my little allowance, then at the end of the day I would immediately get sick. Brilliant.

Soda Drinks

“Refresh Me Drinks!”

Why I hate soda?

  • Due to my weak childhood years, I wasn’t accustomed to cold drinks. I’m not used to it so I rather not love it. Presently however, I do drink colas after I eat meat just to override the ghastly taste of oil. But nah, I can’t drink a full cup of it–really sad.
  • If I drink sodas every day in life, then my life must be so boring. I don’t bother myself with cold drinks after a delicious meal–with the exception of pineapple juice, by the way!
  • Scientifically proven, too much sodas will kill you and me. I value my life and the health that the Lord has bestowed upon me, that’s why as much as I can I avoid them–sorrey SODA!
  • And lastly…I just literally hate sodas. Thank you!

I think this picture below will make you evaluate your drinking habit. Sorry SODA lover, I think I just need to post this image. The photo is not mine, by the way.

soda side effects

Why I love coffee?

  • Coffee is warm. But for some commercialized reasons, coffees are now even served cool–you know, coffee floats. Nah. Anyway, I’m always in love with warm drinks, so this basically explains why I love coffee, right?
  • Coffees are soothing to my throat, they’re like medicines to me.
  • I love the ambiance of coffee shops. A cup of coffee in someone’s coffee shop is a little luxury to me. Well, I don’t live a luxurious life but when it comes to coffees I don’t limit my wallet. Of course, I value money budgeting–and I have a spare budget for coffees!
  • Too much coffee has some bad effects, too. But at least not much unlike too much sodas. Keep in mind though that too much about anything is NOT GOOD. In my case, I drink more water after I drink coffee.

a cup pf coffee

  • Coffees have their own unique aroma! Each variety of coffee has their own smell, and this smell really captivates me. In a way, they give a refreshing feeling.
  • A cup of coffee in the morning is always AWESOME. Just awesome. Especially during rainy days.
  • Drinking coffee while I’m writing is magnificent. It adds a little drama to what I’m doing–or thinking. In a way or another, drinking coffee helps me in my brainstorming process.

Health note: Too much coffee is also not good. But then, I still hate SODAS!

What about you? Which one do you prefer? Let me know!

A Cup of Coffee Please!

Daily Prompt entry~

After a long day at work or school, what are your favorite ways to wind down and decompress?

I’m a student by day, worker by night, and a writer by dawn. Often times I overused my body and occasionally get dramatic–you know, most writers are dramatic just for the sake of being dramatic. But honestly, dramatic writers like me are not really dramatic at all in real life, alright, let’s just say not all the time. As for me, when I find myself really tired, and exhausted from school, or from my part-time work, I do either one of these things:

  • I just need rest, a nap will do, then I feel refresh again.
  • I eat foods, delicious foods.
  • I’ll be facing my computer screen and start writing random things, mostly humor or epic drama.
  • Write lyrics and poems while indulging myself with Christian music.
  • I nag my older sister by dancing funny moves in front of her, especially when I’m so stressed or so bored. Yes, I do that simply because her reaction entertains me, it inspires me not to get stressed out. Alright, it’s weird. To me it’s normal.
  • I go to malls alone and walk randomly without proper destination, most especially when I’m bored–sightseeing coffee shops.
  • MOST OF ALL, when those things mentioned above FAILS, I just drink a cup of coffee! Unwinding to me is actually drinking a cup of hot coffee, and viola, I’m the happiest person on earth!
  • MOST OF ALL NUMBER TWO, before I even do those things above, I actually take my silent moment and pray, or grab my Bible and worship.

Anyway, can anyone give me a cup of coffee? Pretty please? Hoho.

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