How to Train Your Dragon 2 – Toothless and Hiccup


The Movie and My Cents

When it was showing in the cinemas before, I was not able to watch it. I could not remember the reason why I wasn’t able to watch it, but I believe it was because I chose to watch another set of movie than How to Train Your Dragon 2. Now, when I come to think of it, it was such a waste that I didn’t choose this movie as the first choice.

Anyway, I was able to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 last 2 weeks ago, together with my younger siblings with a wide, flat TV screen at home. And man I must tell you, it was such an amazing movie! I couldn’t imagine how awestruck I was while watching it with my brothers and sisters. Yesness, How to Train Your Dragon 2 nailed it! I will not be ashamed or embarrassed to recommend this movie to people like you, because you see, it is worth the time effort!


How to Train Your Dragon 2 really stirs the emotions in you. Especially when it comes to Hiccup and Toothless’ relationship. I’m really touched by the way they value each other, you know. Aren’t you? Well, it has the hope and inspiration when it comes to friendship. It has the promise and hope for the future, and for having faith in someone you really love. This movie is really worth the time and money!



Hiccup here is already a grown up man. He’s grown up handsome! Really. Such cool animation. Hiccup still enjoys the adventurous life, he isn’t yet confident to take over his father’s role–of becoming the next town Chief. Due to his mother’s absence since birth, Hiccup feels like there’s still a missing part in him.  Midway, Hiccup meets his long lost mother. That’s the point where Hiccup finds his real identity, his completion of his incompleteness. It is revealed in How to Train Your Dragon 2 that Hiccup actually inherited his mother’s talent and passion about dragons.



Toothless here is stronger than ever. He is usually grumpy about Hiccup’s adventurous lifestyle, especially whenever Hiccup drops down to fly–because he’s often meet with danger.  I find that cute with Toothless you know, it is really obvious that Toothless is concern of Hiccup’s safety. In the nearing end of this movie, Toothless challenged the Alpha dragon just to protect Hiccup–of course Toothless won. Then he became the next Alpha. Hooray to Toothless!

It is also revealed in this movie that there are hidden powers in Toothless which have not yet discovered. Now, now, I’m looking forward to How to Train Your Dragon 3, ahhaha. I want to believe that there’s next! Toothless is yet to grow up and grow bigger, you know, or meet a new Night Furry.


Hiccup and Toothless sweet moment.


How to Train Your Dragon 2 with Toy Freebies!

Toothless Toy in How To Train Your Dragon 2

Toothless Toy in How To Train Your Dragon 2

Yesterday I went to McDonalds just to buy the “Happy Meal” because it has a free toy of different dragons from the recent movie How To Train Your Dragon 2, and it’s still showing by the way. Of course, only one toy per happy meal. But you see, I didn’t waste my time and immediately buy a McDonalds’ meal just to own this little “Toothless!” Oh yeah, I felt like a kid yesterday, really.

So far I’ve only watched the trailer of How To Train Your Dragon 2. Sadly, I haven’t watched the movie in Cinema yet, but I’m planning to, hopefully I can still catch up. The movie trailer says a lot about it, that without even watching the full movie yet, I can still say that Toothless and Hiccup are one of the best pairs that one should surely enjoy watching! You can watch the movie trailer below.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Trailer

The Characters

How to train your dragon 2

Image from How to Train Your Dragon Website

I think Hiccup the older version here in the movie is still cool, has the looks yes, but oh well, I’m quite disappointed that he’s no longer cute. I think I like the younger Hiccup because he was cuter then. Anyway, Toothless is still cute and very humorous in his own way so, it’s still okay with me hahaha. Reviewing this movie makes me feel like I’m a total kid, despite my age, and it’s better not to ask me how old I am haha.

There’s a new female character added in the story, and I don’t know yet what role she has. I’m really going to watch the movie, and then, I will review again ahahaha.

There’s a new revelation to me for this new movie, and that’s…the voice actor behind Stoick the Vast, Hiccup’s father, is actually Gerald Butler--my ultimate favorite actor!!! I like almost all of Butler’s movies, my all time favorite is the “Phantom of the Opera, 2004 Movie” and the “300.” I was really like, “Seriously?!” Why did I just know that now? Okay, because I just Google the cast just today. Ugh. Now that I now about it, I’m even more excited to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2, and even replay the first movie with my younger siblings. Okay, don’t laugh at me now.

Toothless Toy from McDonalds

And yeah, since How to Train Your Dragon is very famous among the kids (including me and other adults) this has been franchised by some companies, McDonalds to name. I’m really happy that they have freebies of dragons from the movie, but you have to buy them a meal though, and the amount isn’t that much.

I went to the McDonalds counter (in Abreeza Mall–a shopping mall here) and bought the toy, and the funny thing was, most of the buyers were kids. Right after I took my take out meal, plus the freebie toy of Toothless, I went to Toshiba store in the second floor.

I was asking about the laptop bat’s price, and the crew asked me while staring at my Happy Meal and Toothless toy, “Is that for your younger sibling, Ma’am?”

I immediately shook my head and embraced the toy, as if I was so defensive, and replied, “No, no…no! This is actually mine. Not for kids. Just mine.” He laughed at me, and I realized how embarrassing my reply was, looking at my age you see. I felt like my face turned red last night, haha. But oh well, it was true anyway, I bought the toy for myself. You see, Toothless is not just for kids, haha.

Oh well.

Still, I felt like I was a kid yesterday. Better not do that again.

toothless how to train your dragon

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