Sweat for Water: will you take the dare?

Give us your sweat. Get on our bike!

Give us your sweat. Get on our bike!

Take the dare and drink a glass of sweat! I found this when I was browsing the futuretimeline website, and I was like, “COOL…but, kind of, ew? Whatever.” I just think it’s cool. Technologies are really something worth eyeing for, especially since human brains are capable of wild and creative imaginations–imagination that was once an idea turned into reality. All credits thanks to the God the Almighty, mind you.

“UNICEF, in collaboration with Gothia Cup, have developed the world’s first sweat machine: a device that extracts moisture from clothes, purifies it and transforms it into water.” So thus the photo above.

I think from now on this blogsite is all about past and present technology and whatever-future-technologies, plus business matters actually, especially since this is a pre-requirement by our Technopreneurship Professor. So yeah, this is all about TECHNOPRENEURSHIP.

For more information about this sweat-cool’o’water-machine, just refer to this link. And oh, it will not hurt much to leave a simple comment below, I know right? Yeah, I need some communication here people, because our teacher wants to see some COMMENTS. Cool, right? He is cool, alright.

So, sweat water, anyone?