Movie – Big Hero 6


This movie simply rocks! I love Big Hero 6, and if you haven’t watched this, wew, you missed a half of your life! Kidding. But yes, you really need to see this movie and be encouraged! I’m craving to watch Big Hero 6 again and again! The characters are well-portrayed and the graphics–the graphics are super cool.

Wait. I love Hero’s big brother! Really. Tadashi Hamada is such a sweet, caring, loving big brother! But something happened to him that I wished it didn’t happen…but oh well. It’s worth the watch!!!


Rurouni Kenshin 2 – The Awaited Sequel

Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Fire poster

Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Fire poster

Well, well, well. Who doesn’t know Himura Kenshin here? I think that at least 80% of the world’s population know Kenshin Himura from the comic and anime, entitled famously as “Rurouni Kenshin.” Rurouni by the way means “Wanderer”.

What does the movie title suggest?

  • Ru is a Japanese verb which means “to wander”
  • Ronin is a Japanese term which means “masterless samurai”

To put it simply, Rurouni Kenshin basically means “Kenshin the Wandering Samurai” or “Kenshin the Masterless Samurai”.

Into the Movie

The movie isn’t released yet, at least not now. But we’re all looking forward to it, aren’t we? I’m not a big fan of the Rurouni Kenshin anime before, in fact, I couldn’t remember the entire story. I think that my older brother and sister were fans of it, I’m just a so-so. Anyway, when the first movie of Rurouni Kenshin came out on year 2012, I was left amazed and dumbfounded. The first movie of Rurouni Kenshin was literally good, especially the graphics.

Ever since I watched the first movie, I grew fond of it. I said to myself, “Ah, this movie should have a part two! That would be awesome.” Well, look at that, Rurouni Kenshin indeed has a second part–isn’t that amazing? This sequel is one of the most awaited sequels in year 2014 and we’re looking forward to it, aren’t we?

According to the official page of Rurouni Kenshin, the movie release would be this coming August 1, 2014. I don’t know however if the release would be done internationally, or if they would just release the movie in Japan. I pray hope anyway that it will be available locally, nationwide, and internationally.

What I expect to happen in this movie:

  • Kenshin would draw out his sword and kill again
  • Quite dramatic, especially between Kenshin and Kaoru
  • A possible death for Kenshin/Battosai
  • A possible illness for Kenshin at the end of the movie (as far as I know Battosai acquired an illness towards the end of the original story)
  • Or a possible cliffhanger and move on to the third movie <cool>
  • Lots of fighting scenes and lots of blood and sliced people <oh my>
  • Excellent graphics and fighting choreographs
  • Excellent sword skills
  • Freak enemies Shishio is>

Well, I bet the first release would be purely Japanese, which is of course lots of us couldn’t understand. Even I only know a little of Japanese. Anyway, English translation and English subtitles for Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Fire would soon come out after the movie release, so I will wait patiently until then. Haha.

You can watch the official trailer of Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Fire here:

“Lupin the Third” Movie

Lupin the Third the Movie

Lupin the Third the Movie 2014

The world’s best thief!

Lupin the third is here.

That’s the movie line in the trailer I recently watched. Japanese productions are nailing it up, really, they would even produce the movie of a well-known thief Lupin the Third, that’s so Japanese! Haha. Live action is their thing.

Anyone around my age should have known about Lupin the Third from childhood years, and well, who doesn’t know the clumsy inspector Zenigata? And the flirty, treacherous woman called Fujiko? And yes, Goemon is always present, and Jigen, too. As far as the trailer goes, the actors behind these characters are good except for Lupin, I think he doesn’t quite look like Lupin, but nah, the character he nails it.

Daisuke Jigen (left) Ishikawa Goemon (right)

Daisuke Jigen (left) Ishikawa Goemon (right)

Official Release

Now, this group of stupid, humorous thieves even got their own movie. It’s official release will be on August 30, 2014, just few weeks later after the release of Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Fire!

The release would be in Japan only. That’s quite sad. But well, wait after one to three months and the internet buddies would share it with us. Pirating is bad though.

Movie Plot

Lupin III (Shun Oguri), Daisuke Jigen (Tetsuji Tamayama), Ishikawa Goemon (Gou Ayano), Fujiko Mine (Meisa Kuroki) and Inspector Koichi Zenigata (Tadanobu Asano) meet. They face a powerful enemy and form the Lupin team in response. The Lupin team then faces the challenge of retrieving the “Crimson Heart of Cleopatra” locked away in a fort like safe. The treasure is thought to allow its owner to control the world.

What I say about this movie

Anyway, I think this movie is bad for the kids. Okay, okay, you should know by now that when it comes to children I’m very cautious in terms of movie genres. You see, if only my parents have known before that watching Lupin is a bad influence, they would have watched with us and taught us that “stealing” is bad, because no matter where you look at it, it has never been good to steal.

Watching this movie can influence a kid’s mind, so I recommend that this movie should be supervised by an adult. Well, movie is just a movie, all right. But let’s not take everything for granted. As responsible adults we should learn how to be responsible towards the children. And that includes the movie types they’re watching. We all know that whatever we see can affect us psychologically, agree or not?

Well, just saying.

For more details about this upcoming movie, go here:

Watch Lupin the Third Trailer

So We Watched “Maleficent”

maleficent movie review

Okay, so we watched the movie “Maleficent” last night with my sister and brother. My first choice was actually X-Men, but I didn’t regret that we chose Maleficent. So here’s my cents after watching the movie:


Boring. In the beginning, that is. I really thought it was kind of boring, especially since I thought I already knew the ending, or what would happen next. I thought wrong. Anyway, even though it was more on conversations at the beginning, with magic and all fairy stuffs, it wasn’t about that which made me bored, but because of Maleficent’s crown on her head–well, I find it quite disturbing, but that’s what she is. Haha.

The movie tells the story of Maleficent as to what drove her to put the curse on our childhood Disney character: Sleeping Beauty. Aurora’s father betrayed Maleficent and stole her beloved wings, her hatred and vengeance made her evil, and on the day of Aurora’s Christening, Maleficent invited herself and cursed the baby. Okay–we all knew that from childhood, right.

The movie is not really perfect, and well, it’s mostly dark and full of hatred, and I don’t agree with it. I just liked it when Maleficent started to love the girl, Aurora, even though she initially hated her for being the daughter of the man who betrayed her. As Aurora grew up, Maleficent grew fond of her, and they started to interact with each other. Later on in the movie, Maleficent regretted that she put the curse on Aurora. She tried to revoke it when Aurora was sleeping, but the curse wouldn’t break except for the “true love’s kiss.” Now, now, that’s Disney’s trademark!

Maleficent put the curse that way because she believed that true love doesn’t exist, therefore, it won’t break. But when Aurora touched her motherly love, Maleficent then wanted to help her, and she tried to break the curse by bringing in the “Prince Charming” in the castle. The twist is that Aurora didn’t wake up when the prince kissed her, something that I expected though. Maleficent, filled with regret, went to Aurora’s bed and promised her to protect her from any harm as long as she lives. Then she kissed Aurora’s forehead. When she turned away, Aurora woke up, and that proves that Maleficent’s love for Aurora is true love, as if like a mother to a daughter. That’s the point of the story which I liked the most–because it shows a motherly love towards a child.

Anyway, I must admit that initially, I didn’t predict it would be Maleficent’s kiss that would wake Aurora up, I really thought it was going to be Diaval! Diaval is Maleficent’s servant, a black crow who has also witnessed Aurora’s growing up. Maleficent often times turn Diaval into a wolf, sometimes a horse, but Diaval is mostly seen in a man form. It was only later in the story that I realized it was going to be Maleficent when she told Diaval, “That’s why I put the curse. Because true love doesn’t exist.” That’s the point in the story which made me think, “Ah, it’s going to be Maleficent’s true love for Aurora, and not anyone else. Not even Diaval.”

My favorite character in the movie--Diaval

My favorite character in the movie–Diaval

But hey, I must also admit, I was quite disappointed that it wasn’t Diaval. Haha. Well, he was my favorite character in the movie next to Maleficent. Diaval’s character is entertaining.

maleficent and diaval

Diaval and Maleficent, watching Aurora from afar.

Anyway, to end this up, I don’t seriously agree with some of the movie lines and all, but then, it’s just a movie and must remain that way.

My older sister, younger brother, and me.

My older sister, younger brother, and me.