Steve Jobs versus Bill Gates

Steve Jobs verses Bill Gates

Steve Jobs versus Bill Gates

I’m an IT student–which may surprise some of you by now. I’m not really a writer initially, but I love playing with words. Well, basically, I know who these two people are and their historical contributions to the IT world, they’ve become the models and inspirations of every student, not only in terms of technology but also in businesses.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Who are they, really? They’re the big people behind Apple and Microsoft. You might be wondering in what areas these two people are different in terms of success and personalities, and well, I often wonder too. Right now I’m gonna jot down their differences solely based upon my self-research and by watching the Pirates of the Silicon Valley.

Steve Versus Bill

  1. Steve is wise. Bill is wiser.
  2. Steve is a genius in technology, Bill is more like a strategist and a businessman.
  3. Steve is fundamentally odd, Bill is a geeky person
  4. Steve is a hot-tempered man, Bill is a philanthropist
  5. Steve has an attitude problem, Bill is a marketer so he’s good at communication
  6. Steve is self-obsessed, Bill is charitable
  7. And lastly, Steve is dead (may he rests in peace), Bill is still alive.

That’s my cents about these two historic people, but I’m not saying that you may agree with me, okay. You can have all your thoughts to yourself, I’m just sharing mine. Hoho.

If you want to read my articles about Steve Jobs’s successes and failures, refer to the link below.

Factors that Contributed to Steve Jobs Success and Failure


Techno Bootcamp 2013

ideaspaceI expect that this bootcamp will be our stepping stone. That this is not just a contest, but an opportunity to enhance our skills as IT students, an opportunity to bring the best out in us, an opportunity to shine through our ideas. There will be participants from other schools that day, and I hope we could make friends with them, and that we could make connections that would build our future relationships as professionals. I also expect that in this bootcamp, we could win the prize—the many, the better. Last year, two ideas from our school made it into the top ten list, and this year, I believe that more than two ideas could make it. I am hoping so.

IdeaSpace is a foundation that will help turn your techno ideas to reality. If you have great tech idea and passion for business, you might be what they’re looking for, and they might help you what you’re looking for. They help create start-ups with local and global impact.

I admit that at first, I was hesitant about this upcoming bootcamp. I never ever imagined that I could think of an idea which could meet the standards, expectations, and requirements of the said bootcamp. I was never like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs who had great motivations and aspirations especially when it comes to technology. I mean, I like technology, a lot, but I never thought that I could contribute something that could make it even better. But I was wrong. I was really wrong. I am often wrong. I regretted that I didn’t have confidence. I regretted for nearly surrendering when in reality, I could actually do it, I was just full of doubts and never had trusted myself.

Fortunately, this techno bootcamp proved me all wrong. Because this bootcamp actually gives me the hope. True, I was hesitant about it in the beginning, I wasn’t entirely excited about it, but just because I wasn’t excited about it doesn’t mean I should give up—so I gave it a chance. And this chance makes my life turn 180 degrees. Because right now, I am verily excited on this coming September 14, especially since my techno idea was finally accepted by our beloved professor, the one and only Sir Gamboa in the whole wide world. And no, I’m not saying it sarcastically, because even though my previous ideas were rejected by him first, I knew that it was for our own good. So that he can bring out the best ideas from us.

Vision without execution is hallucination. — Thomas Edison

I’m full of hopes now. I am looking forward to that bootcamp day. My idea might not be the best idea out there, but I will give this idea a chance, a chance to prove to everyone that I, too, together with this idea, could make it somehow. I will do my best to conceptualize my idea into something that will hook the judges, and I will create the best business plan about it and convince the judges. Even if it might not turn out the way I planned it to be, I will still give this idea a chance—a chance to sprout its seeds.

I am truly looking forward to that day.


Sweat for Water: will you take the dare?

Give us your sweat. Get on our bike!

Give us your sweat. Get on our bike!

Take the dare and drink a glass of sweat! I found this when I was browsing the futuretimeline website, and I was like, “COOL…but, kind of, ew? Whatever.” I just think it’s cool. Technologies are really something worth eyeing for, especially since human brains are capable of wild and creative imaginations–imagination that was once an idea turned into reality. All credits thanks to the God the Almighty, mind you.

“UNICEF, in collaboration with Gothia Cup, have developed the world’s first sweat machine: a device that extracts moisture from clothes, purifies it and transforms it into water.” So thus the photo above.

I think from now on this blogsite is all about past and present technology and whatever-future-technologies, plus business matters actually, especially since this is a pre-requirement by our Technopreneurship Professor. So yeah, this is all about TECHNOPRENEURSHIP.

For more information about this sweat-cool’o’water-machine, just refer to this link. And oh, it will not hurt much to leave a simple comment below, I know right? Yeah, I need some communication here people, because our teacher wants to see some COMMENTS. Cool, right? He is cool, alright.

So, sweat water, anyone?