300 Rise of an Empire: Seriously Not Recommended for Kids


I recently watched the movie “300 Rise of an Empire” with my cousin and Uncle at home. It was the follow-up to the 2007 film “300” taking place before, during, and after the events of the latter film. Honestly, I was itching to watch this film because I was fond of 3oo before, and simply because I liked the actor behind King Leonidas. Here came we watched it, and there was too much blood that my eyes couldn’t take.

In the first part of the movie, I was enjoying it. But there  was blood here and there, and then later on the fighting events became more gross, more evil and heartless. I tried so hard to endure the bloodiness. I even screamed at one point when a Persian soldier sliced the Greek soldier’s head into two, and it was so clear, so vivid, and so detailed. Blood gushing out directly from head, cut arms and legs, brutal piercing of sword and sliced intestines.

Immediately upon seeing those brutal war, I remembered my younger brother, Egay, aged thirteen. Just some days ago, I remembered he bought a DVD of 3oo Rise of an Empire, and I was suddenly distraught. I said to myself, “Oh no! Egay shouldn’t watch this! No, no, no. Kids mustn’t watch this kind of movie! It’s too brutal to be true!”

And then I grabbed my phone and sent this message to my Mom:

“Did Egay watch the movie 300 already? If not, please, please, please tell him not to watch it. Tell him Ate Neen doesn’t recommend that movie to him. It’s too brutal and gross, totally not good for kids. Thanks Mom.”

Then Mom said, “Not yet. I’ll confiscate it from him then.”

I WAS TOTALLY RELIEVED when Mom said that he hadn’t watch it yet. Because you see, the movie was good, the story was good, the production was good–but it was not good for kids to watch such brutality! It can traumatize the kids mentality, you know.

Yes, most kids do understand the war concepts, and it’s really a good thing if you make them understand the fighting stuff. In fact, parents should watch with their kids together, and make then understand the complicated parts of the movie. However, 300 Rise of an Empire was too much of brutality, too much war, too much blood and really, really gross.

So, as an older sister of four siblings, I don’t highly recommend this movie to kids like them. I don’t know about you. But I hope you understand my point.

You don’t like your kid watching a brain gushing out from a human’s skull, do you?


Anime Obsession

Daily Prompt entry~

Have you ever become obsessed with something? Tell us about something that captivates your attention like nothing else.

I was badly addicted to watching ANIME when I was a sophomore in high school. It went on until I was a freshman in college. And I got to the point where I participated in “costume playing” where I became a cosplayer myself.

free anime

Photo Credits to Respective Owner

Anime characters captivated my youthful years, they dominated almost 90% of my life in high school. I drew mangas and wrote my own comics (most of them were tragic and very, very sad), wrote several fanfictions in the internet, and had indulged myself in anime forums. I was so into it that it ruined my social life. Honestly, I could barely leave my addiction to animes if it wasn’t for the help of the Lord.

I was already twenty years old when I decided to abandon animes–a decision that was so hard to me back then. But then I had finally realized how it has affected my emotions then, my personality, and my personal relationship with people, especially my intimacy with the Lord.

By the grace of God, however, and praise the Lord, I was able to overcome that obsession. And immediately upon surrendering that addiction to God, I was inspired to write a book testimonial about my experience with anime addiction. The Lord inspired me to write a book about it, entitled, “Anime Fanaticism: Is It Spiritually Harmful?” and upon which I automatically gained negative feedback from the world. It didn’t surprise me though, I was expecting it because I’m going against the culture.

I can’t please everybody about the book. But I believe that there people out there who might need to read it, this book might even help them in giving insights on how to control anime addiction.

Grab a free copy while it’s free! 

If you want to know how people think of my book, then you can read this writer’s book review at Deremoe. Behold, as expected, negative feedback from anime circle is heating up.

This is College! This is IC.

I’m currently on my fourth year in college, sadly, I’m not an official 4th year, weird right? Well, to simply put, I’m irregular. I’m twenty-two years old, turning twenty-three this November, and often I feel like I’m already too old, yet I’m still stuck in my college department. I might sound like I’m complaining, actually, in reality, I’m just bored and often tired of my studies. However, just because I’m tired and bored, doesn’t necessarily mean I should give up my college.

I’m writing this because I feel accomplished despite my weariness from school, accomplished in a way that I’m too blessed to complain. Looking back, when I was a freshman in our department, I was so clean, neat, and a refreshing-looking gal. I go to school with polished school shoes, ironed uniform, young and innocent face masked with baby powder. I and my classmates, which I consider as my group of friends, often wondered why our seniors were so haggard-looking. We used to say, “What’s with them? They looked like they haven’t taken a bath!”

college life

A true comparison between a freshman and a Senior Student

I didn’t know then how it was like to live like a Senior. I didn’t know then how it was like in our Department. I didn’t know what it was like, not until when I became a Senior myself. Years and years passed, and when I climbed up the stairs of our College Department, I began to see the great change, the big revelation–

  • I’m no longer the clean, neat student
  • I’m no longer the fresh-looking first year from before
  • I’m no longer ironing my uniform, nor polishing my shoes
  • I’m no longer that student who participates in every Intramurals, time is gold, and therefore, Intramurals’ period means rest time from overloading projects
  • I’m no longer the shy woman, but the loud woman who laughs at every joke all because I lack sleep, thus, everything seems too funny for me

I’m not the fresh-looking first year anymore! I’m past beyond repair–oops–I mean, I’m past beyond that freshman years! I’m a SENIOR myself! And when I look in the mirror, I often remember those days wherein we used to say, “Look at the higher years, they’re so haggard, so stressed out.” I was like, “Okay, I am feeling what they’re feeling before.”

Looking back, and writing now, I feel like I wanted to make a documentary about our college life, I think it will be fun. Lots of pressure and lots of fun.

Are you…a college student, too? From what school then?

Project Noah and the Integrated Transport System

SONA 2013: The Project Noah

Technology is not only for comfort, but also for prevention and security.

I wasn’t able to watch the full SONA of our honorable President Benigno S. Aquino III that was held last July 22, 2013, but instead, I read the full text version. In his fourth SONA I did not miss to notice that before he ended his speech he stressed out several times that this SONA is not his, but our SONA. Although it is intended for the public in the first place, saying it with such sincerity is a different thing, it gave assurance and hope to Filipinos that his achievements while on his term is not his alone, that each one of us has our own contribution to it.

In his speech I have identified at least two ICT related projects. The first one was about the Project Noah. President Aquino mentioned that this project came to exist for the protection and benefit of all Filipinos, particularly the protection and prevention regarding disasters and other natural calamities. This project, as I have thoroughly researched it, will harness technologies and management services for disaster risk reduction activities offered by the DOST through PAGASA, PHIVOLCS, and the DOST-Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI), in partnership with the UP National Institute of Geological Sciences and the UP College of Engineering.

But what really is Project Noah? And what are the components behind it? This project is the response to President Aquino’s call to a more accurate, integrated, and responsive disaster prevention and mitigation system, especially to determine the high-risk areas throughout the Philippines. This project is a technology-based system and it has the following components:

  • Distribution of Hydrometeorological devices in hard-hit areas in the Philippines
  • Disaster risk exposure assessment for mitigation – light detection and ranging project
  • Enhancing geohazards mapping through LIDAR
  • Coastal hazards and storm surge assessment and mitigation
  • Flood information network project
  • Local development of Doppler Radar Systems
  • Landslide Sensors Development Project
  • Weather Hazard Information Project

How Can Project Noah Improve the Quality of Life?

As we can see, the Project Noah isn’t an ordinary project. It’s a big ICT project that could save thousands of lives from natural disasters. Not only lives can be saved, but also the businesses and physical assets of the country. Though this project isn’t yet completely done, we can already see that this will help a lot in disaster prevention. Let us face the fact that a lot of Filipinos die when there are strong storms, landslides, and floods, especially those people who are residing at very mountainous areas. We have lots of casualties especially in Manila when there’s a heavy flood. Students are at risk when heavy storms appear. Families are traumatized and some even lost their beloved houses whenever a typhoon is coming their way—not to mention that a person might have died. Business transactions are cancelled and businesses are at minimal profit typhoon after typhoon. But since the Project Noah was launched, we can see that little by little, our problems and fears about deaths and disasters are diminishing. Technology, therefore, is not only for us to have an easier, comfortable life, but technology is also there so that we can use it to our own advantage and safeties. Technology is not only for comfort, but also for prevention and security.

Ever since this Project Noah was launched, a lot of rain gauges are installed especially in the most vulnerable locations. And by the end of this year there will be at least 400 water level monitoring stations that will provide a better picture of the Philippines’ surface water in relation to flooding. Through this, flooding in the country can be carefully monitored and can easily signal the residents every time there is upcoming danger alert. Residents have much time to prepare their important things and evacuate immediately to a much safer place. Project Noah also uses LIDAR technology and computer-assisted analysis, of which will be completed by December next year. This helps to identify exact prone areas to landslides and thus, alert the residents around that area.


From the time Project NOAH was launched, a total of 525 automated water level monitoring stations and automated rain gauges have been installed in 18 major river basins throughout the country. We also continue to modernize our weather detection technology, with Doppler radars, tsunami detectors, and alerting sirens. – President Benigno S. Aquino III

Using this Project Noah, they can accurately predict the rainfall and can provide correct and timely warnings, therefore, the communities can prepare themselves accordingly. The major aim of this project is, after all, to SAVE LIVES. I believe that this project can do better than that, and in the near future, we will see more happy faces, more investors, and more tourists. Business will become better and better. Traffics caused by floods can be prevented and thus, making the business and daily tasks as smooth as possible. No longer will we suffer from tremendous loss of lives, no longer will we suffer from heavy traffic and transaction failures. In this way, the quality of life is therefore improved.

SONA 2013: Integrated Transport System

Heavy traffic means economic loses. Less traffic means more business!

In President Aquino’s fourth SONA, he also mentioned another ICT related project. It’s about the Integrated Transport System in Manila. Heavy traffics? No way, the President is doing his best to minimize this problem in as much as possible. Patience? Yes, we all need that. Projects like this are not done within a blink of an eye, alright.

We all know that Manila is a crowded place, like any other capitals of the world, much less in ours however. According to President Aquino, our economy loses an estimated 2.4 billion pesos every day because of Metro Manila traffic—wow, a big, big amount of loss, isn’t it? In order to prevent more economic loses, and in order to improve the traffic that may cause failures of other areas of our lives, Integrated Transport System came to light.

The project aims to maximize road usage by reducing vehicle volume and improving traffic flow along Metro Manila’s major thoroughfares, particularly in EDSA. They also aim to eliminate provincial bus traffic within Metro Manila, thus they do not add to the congestion, providing a smoother traffic than ever before.

Through Integrated Transport System, LIFE and BUSINESS becomes easier. If the traffic problems can be lessened, it only means that business is increasing. Heavy traffic means economic loses. Less traffic means more business!

That’s how this project can improve the quality of life of every Filipino citizen! Well, if there are more business because of this less traffic, then our economy will increase! Our country will become rich in no time—okay, wait, that’s exaggeration.




Farhan Qureshi, the selfless Idiot

farhan-qureshiFarhan Qureshi, played by R. Madhavan. Farhan is the film’s narrator all throughout the story, he is also a best friend to Rancho and Raju. The thing about Farhan is quite a dramatic curve. I say this because Farhan’s life and his future were already knitted by his parents ever since birth. All his life he was manipulated by his parents, disregarding what he really wanted to do on his own. His father wants him to become an engineer while he actually wanted to become a professional photographer. Farhan’s character at first was weak and very dependant to his parents, in fact, he couldn’t decide for his own and he couldn’t fight for his own decision. He puts his parents’ wants first before anything else, which is why he landed on the engineering school where he came to meet Rancho and Raju.

Farhan Qureshi is the selfless Idiot…

Farhan is the type of person who doesn’t like to disappoint his parents. His character is quite rampant to today’s generation, although not to the same level as Farhan. I myself could seem to relate to his situation, because I, too, put my parents first before anything else. The only difference between me and Farhan is that my parents are not manipulative, they only suggest what’s best for me and it’s up to me to decide whether I go for it or not. If I see that my parents would be happy with a certain decision, I would go for it, not because I am dependant of their decision but because I wanted to see their satisfying reaction. In Farhan’s case, however, it’s obvious that he can’t win an argument with his Dad. He chose to abandon his own dreams because he was afraid that his Dad might get angry. I think he’s weak, but not as weak as Raju whom I think is weaker among the three. He is weak in a sense that he cannot stand firm to his decisions. He is weak in a sense that, well, ‘you’re a man, Farhan, grow up, man-up!’

I don’t think I would like a man like Farhan. Why? Because a man who can’t stand up for his own decisions is a petty man, and oh, he’s dependent to his parents. I think it would be a problem in his future marriage. I mean, yoh, if he continues to be like that then whatever situations he encounters in the future, he might as well seek his parent’s decision first—that’s…sad, isn’t it. Although of course, as our parents, we should value and listen to their pieces of advices, however, if we keep on seeking their assistance every now and then we wouldn’t mature—would we?

The way Farhan’s parents have brought him up is also another thing. They had already implanted to his brain that he’s going to become an engineer like they always wanted, so of course, Farhan would not disregard that, knowing that he grew up with those kinds of motivations and words from his parents. I think that is the reason why Farhan is like that. He believed that his parents’ decisions were more superior to his. And so he ended up an obedient puppet.

Farhan might have many weaknesses. But he also have his own strengths. Even though he lived to please his parents, he had this attitude in him that he would do his best, and in fact, he’s got the brains, too. He is intelligent and creative more than you could expect. I like how he sees life in a creative way. I like how he appreciates the beauty in his surroundings and takes a moment to capture them into his personal camera. To him every moment and every second there is always a beauty to capture, and that every thing has its own beauty. These are shown when he first appeared in the film, narrating the events from his life while capturing into his camera what nature has presented upon him. Farhan appreciates the beauty of nature, and that’s what I like about him. The only sad thing about his life was that he was not courageous enough to tell his parents about his real passion—that he needed someone to push him on. In this case, Rancho or Chotte was the first person who made him realized that he should go out from his isolated shell. If it was not for Rancho pushing and encouraging him on, Farhan may not be able to achieve his dream, and that he would become engineer even though he did not like it.

He is a good person. Farhan is someone who can do more, even more than what he could initially imagine. He is someone who can turn his passion and hobby into something especial, only that he needed someone to encourage him. There are a lot of people who are like Farhan nowadays, people who are talented enough and yet they could not make it unless someone pushes them on. I think that people like that should try to see Farhan’s perspective and learn a lesson from it. Farhan has his flaws, but is there anyone who is perfect and flawless? Rancho himself has his own flaws, too.

Even though Farhan hesitated to disobey his parents’ wish, he ended up following his own dreams. Through the life of Rancho, Farhan saw what he had not seen before: that he is not a machine operated by his parents. Farhan is someone who listens to advices, but he is also someone who thinks little of himself, that’s why he really had a hard time. Good thing that Rancho never gave up on him when it comes to encouragement, that because of Rancho Farhan was able to see life in a new way.

I like how Farhan obeys his parents. I like how he loves them to the point that he is willing to abandon his dream for their own happiness. I like how he strives hard to please them. However, even though these are good to hear, even though he seems to be a good kid, we all know that Farhan should not always live his life the way his parents want it to be. Because Farhan has his own life, too. He needs to live his life for himself and not live his life for other’s sake. He needs to get up. And be courageous enough to tell to his parents that he HAS A LIFE. He’s not a machine.

I am glad, however, that Farhan was able to cope up with his weak character in the later part of the film. I’m glad to see a new Farhan. His character reminds me that even though life is difficult and tricky at times, there is always a solution at the end of the rope—we only need to see it until the end and not give up. If we give up easily, we won’t be able to see the end, and if we don’t see the end of it, how are we able to know if the decisions we make are right or wrong? That’s why we should not be afraid of the risks, because risks are there to test our determination. We see that Farhan could not stand against his parents, but we see at the end that Farhan could fight for his own decisions if he really wanted to. In this film, Farhan was able to take the risk by conquering his fears of his parents. His character reminds us that people should not be afraid to pursue their dreams.