Activity 1 : Gusto Kong Magsulat, Period

Hello mga neenjas! Magandang buhay. Nabasa mo na ba ang previous articles ko? So far tatlo na yun eh. Naku pag hindi mo pa nabasa ang mga yon, eh baka mahirapan kang makarelate sa writing activity na ‘to. Basa-basa rin pag may time. Kekeke.

Mga topics na related sa activity na to:

Gusto Kong Magsulat
Bakit Nga? Paki Explain.
Wag Mo ‘Tong Basahin

Opo, magsisimula na tayong mag-practice.

Ano? Activity na agad-agad? Oh di ba parang candy crush lang–rush. Biro lang. huehue. Pag lagi akong nag-post ng articles at tips, baka ma-bored kayo kalaunan. Kaya naman magwo-workshop tayo from time to time.

Hindi naman mahirap. Slight lang, huehue.

Sa activity na ‘to ay kailangan mong magsulat ng simpleng essay. At least 200 words to 500 words lang naman. Practice to guys, practice. Simple lang naman ang gagawin. Sagutin mo lang ang katanungan ko:

Bakit gusto mong magsulat?

Oo, yan po ang tanong sa first activity natin, mga neenjas.

Gaya ng na-explain ko sa previous articles, importante na alam natin kung bakit gusto nating magsulat. Para san nga ba at gusto nating magsulat? May rason naman talaga diba? Pwes, mga neenjas, panahon na para ishare mo yan.

Ikaw Coach, bakit gusto mong magsulat?

Pwes, kung ako ang tatanungin niyo gusto kong magsulat kasi gusto kong ipaabot sa ibang tao ukol sa mga ideas ko. Gusto kong patunayan sa mga tao na papatok rin ang genra ko. Gusto kong ishare sa kanila kung ano man ang mga naiisip ko. Gusto kong patunayan na kaya ko rin…na kaya kong magsulat ng magagandang estorya…kahit hindi naman ako naturally genius. (excerpt sa previous article, Bakit Nga? Paki Explain)

Anong gagawin sa activity na to?

  1. Gumawa ng simpleng essay or narrative kung bakit gusto mong magsulat. Bawat tao na gustong matutong magsulat ay may sariling rason–ano ang rason na yon? Bakit mo naisipang matuto at magsulat? May freedom of speech tayo. Sabihin niyo ang gusto niyong sabihin.
  2. Ang essay ay dapat hindi bumaba sa 200 words. Dapat nasa pagitan lang ng 200 words to 1,000 words. Wag lumampas sa 1,000 words.
  3. Kung desktop gamit niyo, nirerekomenda kong gumamit kayo ng writing tool gaya ng Microsoft Word. Makikita niyo kasi sa Microsoft Word kung ilang words na ang nagamit niyo.
  4. Kung mobile naman ang gamit niyo, punta kayo sa Pwede niyong icheck ang word counts niyo online gamit ang tool na yun. No hassle pa.
  5. Hindi kailangan na creative ang pagkasulat niyo. Simpleng essay lang naman to. Ang importante ay naexpress mo ang sarili mo at nasabi mo kung ano ang gusto mong sabihin. Use your own voice. And the words will flow.
  6. Wag kang mag-alala sa title. Uniform lang tayong lahat. Ang title lang naman is : Gusto Kong Magsulat, Period.
  7. Ilagay niyo ang entries niyo dito sa “comment section.” Gagawa ako ng Book sa wattpad account ko kung saan dun ko iko-compile ang mga entries na pinasa niyo. Tapos idedicate ko ang entry sa Wattpad account niyo. Make sure friends tayo sa Wattpad, huehue.
  8. Walang deadline sa submission ng entry na to. Take your time. Ikaw ang bahala kung kailan mo magpasa. Kaya lang, eto lang masasabi ko, hindi ka pwedeng magparticipate sa susunod na activity hanggang hindi mo pa natapos ang level na to. Yun lang naman yun. huehue.

O pano ba yan mga neenja, simulan niyo na. Ang dali lang diba? huehue. Simulan niyo nang magtapon ng shuriken at chakra!

Coach Jenine


A WordPress Blogger

A WordPress Blogger



A WordPress blogger

Written by Jenine Silos


Clicks in the evening, account signing in.

A WordPress blog pops in the screen.

An open email to check what’s within,

Only to see a comment is pending.

Heart throbs like a sophomore teen,

Lips curve without you knowing,

Chubby cheeks flushed in pink,

All for a single comment.

Different tabs in one browser,

Multiple sites you scan and gather,

Only to seek the rightful answer:

“Wordpress traffic how to garner?”

The evening end with Mister Google,

Telling you to read further.

You click to read what’s within,

Only to find a WordPress blogger.

Clicks in the evening, a moon shining.

A WordPress blog pops again in the screen.

A follow button you end up clicking,

He follows back and you go “Hooray-ing!”

Motivation now kicks you in,

A pool of words inside your brain.

Fingers move like a bullet train,

Afraid to lose the ideas within.

Dawn sneaks in, the moon is tiring.

A WordPress blog still on the screen.

Traffic rushes in, stats increasing,

Only to find you’re sleeping.

Forgiveness Matters!

Photo Credits to Owner

Photo Credits to Owner

Daily Prompt entry~

I can’t stay mad at you:

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

I have an older sister who is presently studying Law. She is sarcastic and she is often mean to me especially when I’m just being sweet. That is only normal to her. She is often mean to other people, too, not that she bullies them, but because of her sarcasms it is often perceived as being mean. She doesn’t usually mean it. She is just like that.

Now, because of her sarcasms, I am often offended. Offended in a way that I can’t always understand why she won’t just be sweet to me whenever I’m having a sweet mode.

Like, for example, one time when I was about to leave the house because I’ve got daytime classes, and she was busy studying at her table. I opened the room door and said to her, “I’m leaving~ Give me a goodbye hug~” She just actually looked at me disgusted and then she shut me out. Then I stood by the door, shocked, and I processed to my brain why she shut me out. But I opened the door again, and said the same thing, then she shut the door again, saying something like, “Eww…as if.”

It offended me in a way but it wasn’t enough reasons for me to hold grudges on my older sister. And yes, I believe that forgiveness is necessary every time you are offended, and I do forgive her every time I am offended–even though sometimes she doesn’t know it.

Well, I love my sister too much that I couldn’t seem to get mad at her even though there are opportunities that I could have been. Besides, getting mad for too long is not healthy for my heart, and if I always exercise that negative feeling, it would complicate things more in life. And honestly, I don’t like complicated things.

I do forgive. But memories remain. Like everyone else, I forgive but I cannot forget.

It is said that a man is not designed to forget. I believe on that. Forgiveness, however, is really tough and difficult to gain. Especially when someone has wounded you so much. But then again, I believe that you must forgive in order for you to be forgiven also.

NanoWrimo CountDown

Alright, I know it’s quite too early for a countdown to NanoWrimo. The National Novel Writing Month is still seven months from now, but I just feel like promoting this novel writing event for some good, boring reasons–

  • My sister’s not at home.
  • I don’t know what to write but I feel like I have to write something.
  • I’m hungry and it makes me think about NaNoWrimo.

Lame reasons, right? Anyway, this novel writing challenge might not be new to some bloggers around WordPress, but for the sake of those people who don’t, let me first define you what’s this event all about.

National Novel Writing Month

What is NaNoWrimo?

It stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is a writing challenge wherein you have to write a 50,000 words within a month for each year–in this case, always in the month of November.

As long as you have completed a 50,000 words at the end of November, you are considered a WINNER–hooray. Now as a winner of NaNoWrimo, you will gain lots of benefits. Prizes vary every year, depending upon the sponsors. Below are some of the winner goodies–

  • Your free printed copies of your book, sponsored by CreateSpace
  • Free proof copy of your First Edition Hardcover from
  • Writing softwares
  • Free eBooks
  • And other writing goodies

I’ve been participating in this novel writing for three years straight, ever since year 2011. I’ve been a WINNER ever since. Unfortunately, I never completed any of the books I wrote–only having to come up with more than 50,000 words. Admittedly, I regret having wasted all my winner goodies. I pray tell, however, that this year’s writing novel I can make up to 50,000 words again–and this time I hope I won’t waste the goodies again.

I will try to upload the three novels that I’ve written the previous years, they’re not yet completed but, I will post them chapter by chapter I think. It is such a waste to just junk them all. Will keep you all posted if you are interested.

If you are planning to join this year’s National Novel Writing Month, please let me know and leave messages below, it would be nice to communicate with you as early as possible. Perhaps exchange ideas, anyone? Oh, please add me as your friend on your NanoWrimo account, if this doesn’t bother you. Get in touch!

A Morning Cup

I wrote this poem in participation for the Weekly Writing Challenge, from the Daily Post. Essentially, the whole content of this poem is inspired by my housemates–my sister, my young Uncle, and my cousin. We have different tastes in life, different tasks we are busy about, and different perspectives–but we never forget to smile to one another and care for each other. Despite the busy-ness, each Sunday morning is completed by a morning cup–of coffee! Of course.

A Morning Cup

Tweets in the morning, birds singing
A faint melody is heard nearby.
An open window for a morning air
Bushes sway like a dancing ballet
Lovely cheeks—softly touched by the early sun
The blue horizon, welcomed by a morning yawn.

Minutes, the legs are moving, arms stretching.
Then “Morning” words within the corners
Smiling lips above the ground,
Greeting, praying, and some are silent
Each is busy in his own interest.

A round table—set with morning goodies
Bread—sweet and leavened,
Cookies on a plastic plate,
Rice and egg for the sweet-less lover
Delighted glory—for a set of groupies
Different food, same smell of aroma
Different tastes for the morning haste,
A Sunday morning,
Completed by a morning cup.

A morning cup pf coffee

A cup of coffee please?