Movie – Big Hero 6


This movie simply rocks! I love Big Hero 6, and if you haven’t watched this, wew, you missed a half of your life! Kidding. But yes, you really need to see this movie and be encouraged! I’m craving to watch Big Hero 6 again and again! The characters are well-portrayed and the graphics–the graphics are super cool.

Wait. I love Hero’s big brother! Really. Tadashi Hamada is such a sweet, caring, loving big brother! But something happened to him that I wished it didn’t happen…but oh well. It’s worth the watch!!!


A WordPress Blogger

A WordPress Blogger



A WordPress blogger

Written by Jenine Silos


Clicks in the evening, account signing in.

A WordPress blog pops in the screen.

An open email to check what’s within,

Only to see a comment is pending.

Heart throbs like a sophomore teen,

Lips curve without you knowing,

Chubby cheeks flushed in pink,

All for a single comment.

Different tabs in one browser,

Multiple sites you scan and gather,

Only to seek the rightful answer:

“Wordpress traffic how to garner?”

The evening end with Mister Google,

Telling you to read further.

You click to read what’s within,

Only to find a WordPress blogger.

Clicks in the evening, a moon shining.

A WordPress blog pops again in the screen.

A follow button you end up clicking,

He follows back and you go “Hooray-ing!”

Motivation now kicks you in,

A pool of words inside your brain.

Fingers move like a bullet train,

Afraid to lose the ideas within.

Dawn sneaks in, the moon is tiring.

A WordPress blog still on the screen.

Traffic rushes in, stats increasing,

Only to find you’re sleeping.

Who is Diaval?

Diaval is a fictional character in the recent Disney movie “Maleficent.” He is portrayed by actor Sam Riley. Diaval is a shapeshifter and is considered to be Maleficent’s right hand man, and he is originally a raven.

Maleficent and Diaval (the crow)

Maleficent and Diaval (the crow)

Diaval in Maleficent

Diaval was a crow who randomly landed on Maleficent’s refuge at one time, annoyed by the bird, Maleficent drew him away. The second time Maleficent met Diaval (he was still a crow by this time) he was caught in a net initiated by the mortals. Maleficent who was witnessing the capture in progress from afar cast a spell and muttered, “Into a man!” The black crow slowly turned into a human, a man specifically, and that became Diaval. Maleficent turned him into a man so that he can be saved from the humans captivity.

Who named Diaval?

It wasn’t Maleficent who named Diaval. She asked him what he wanted to be called and he said “Diaval”, so from then on he was known as Diaval. In gratitude to Maleficent’s help, Diaval vowed to serve Maleficent with his life. Little did he know, Maleficent would turn him into many shapes and objects. Sometimes Diaval is a wolf, sometimes a horse, but most of the time he is turned into a man. Well, I think that’s more convenient for Maleficent.

Is Diaval Aurora’s Prince Charming?

In the movie, I would have first thought that Aurora’s Prince Charming was Diaval all because Diaval was obviously concern of the child’s well-being. But he wasn’t the Prince Charming! When Aurora was still a baby it was Diaval (the crow one) who fed her hungry stomach with some flower juice since the three pixies failed to do so, he even moved the swing for her and I find that cute for a black bird.

Diaval looking worried at Aurora.

Diaval looking worried at Aurora.

diaval and aurora

Aurora’s first meeting of Diaval (though Diaval and Maleficent have been always with her)

Diaval’s Character

Diaval’s personality is complaining and though he is a bird he brings out to himself a human nature, well, Disney and movie do anything they want. He complains a lot whenever Maleficent turns him into anything, but despite this, he still loyally serves the hero-witch. Because of his servitude to Maleficent, I think it’s still better that Diaval didn’t end up with Aurora, so that he can end up with Maleficent in the long run, aha!

Diaval’s “Into a Dragon!”

In the final fighting scenes in the movie, Maleficent turned Diaval into a dragon. That’s the biggest and the strongest shape Diaval has ever become. I feel sorry for Diaval though, because he gains a lot of wound scars all over his body due to his servitude towards Maleficent. Well, it can’t be helped, he’s a servant.

Diaval "Into a Dragon"

Diaval “Into a Dragon”

I don’t think that this is the best movie of the year though. And honestly, I think that this movie ruins my childhood perspective towards the evil witch Maleficent, haha. But nah, just a movie. Here’s the awesome actor who portrayed Diaval by the way. Take a good look!

The Actor behind Diaval

Sam Riley as Diaval

Sam Riley as Diaval

Here’s a little humorous comic I found somewhere in the internet, it’s Diaval, Aurora, and Maleficent’s comic. It’s not mine okay, credits are due to the respective owners.

diaval comic

A Coffee Lover’s Perspective

blugre durian coffee

Durian Coffee, Blugre Coffee Shop SM Lanang

Sometimes other people don’t get why coffee lovers really love going to coffee shops, when you can just actually buy a commercialized coffee from any stores, which is actually cheaper and simpler to make. Well, it’s different if you go to coffee shops, different in a lot of ways.

For me it’s not all about coffee, but it’s also about the place and the soothing feeling you get whenever you look at the delicious cakes presented on each divider. It’s not about money, it’s not about luxury and show-offs, it’s about the feeling I get whenever I see lots of people going in and out to coffee shops wearing such different faces, it’s the joy I get whenever I sip my coffee and tastes that its good, and think to myself that “This is good coffee. And I’m not the only person who enjoys this coffee. The owner must be happy.”

If I’m the owner of a coffee shop, and I see that my customer is happy, I will be happy too.

That’s why, when people say that people who go to coffee shops are showing off, if they say that we spend money recklessly, that’s not actually the case for me, and perhaps others too. And I think that no matter how much we say it’s not about luxury, it’s something that other people won’t understand, unless they try to understand.

Health tips: By the way, if you drink coffee, be sure to drink a lot of water afterwards or any time later. You see, like sodas, coffee is not a substitute for water.

300 Rise of an Empire: Seriously Not Recommended for Kids


I recently watched the movie “300 Rise of an Empire” with my cousin and Uncle at home. It was the follow-up to the 2007 film “300” taking place before, during, and after the events of the latter film. Honestly, I was itching to watch this film because I was fond of 3oo before, and simply because I liked the actor behind King Leonidas. Here came we watched it, and there was too much blood that my eyes couldn’t take.

In the first part of the movie, I was enjoying it. But there  was blood here and there, and then later on the fighting events became more gross, more evil and heartless. I tried so hard to endure the bloodiness. I even screamed at one point when a Persian soldier sliced the Greek soldier’s head into two, and it was so clear, so vivid, and so detailed. Blood gushing out directly from head, cut arms and legs, brutal piercing of sword and sliced intestines.

Immediately upon seeing those brutal war, I remembered my younger brother, Egay, aged thirteen. Just some days ago, I remembered he bought a DVD of 3oo Rise of an Empire, and I was suddenly distraught. I said to myself, “Oh no! Egay shouldn’t watch this! No, no, no. Kids mustn’t watch this kind of movie! It’s too brutal to be true!”

And then I grabbed my phone and sent this message to my Mom:

“Did Egay watch the movie 300 already? If not, please, please, please tell him not to watch it. Tell him Ate Neen doesn’t recommend that movie to him. It’s too brutal and gross, totally not good for kids. Thanks Mom.”

Then Mom said, “Not yet. I’ll confiscate it from him then.”

I WAS TOTALLY RELIEVED when Mom said that he hadn’t watch it yet. Because you see, the movie was good, the story was good, the production was good–but it was not good for kids to watch such brutality! It can traumatize the kids mentality, you know.

Yes, most kids do understand the war concepts, and it’s really a good thing if you make them understand the fighting stuff. In fact, parents should watch with their kids together, and make then understand the complicated parts of the movie. However, 300 Rise of an Empire was too much of brutality, too much war, too much blood and really, really gross.

So, as an older sister of four siblings, I don’t highly recommend this movie to kids like them. I don’t know about you. But I hope you understand my point.

You don’t like your kid watching a brain gushing out from a human’s skull, do you?