The Prototype Apprentice of Mr. Sherlock Holmes – #Quote1

prototype apprentice of sherlock holmes

“Okay! I’m done with you, Sherlock.” I begrudge, quite hurt of what he said. I turn around to walk towards the door and leave him alone with the freak stranger. I don’t care about Sherlock Holmes from this moment on!

I’m about to turn the knob open when Sherlock says, “So, what’s the other terms?”

Seriously? I really thought he would at least stop me from leaving the room. I can’t believe he’s my friend! Best friend!

“You will bring me to all of your cases.” Zion says. I stop turning the knob. That’s it! With a heavy heart, I walk back to them and sit next to Sherlock.

“I thought you’re leaving, John?” Sherlock asks when he notices that I sit next to him.

“I badly want to. But how am I suppose to leave you alone with this freak? If you’re bringing him to your cases, I might as well watch him with my TWO EYES.” I say as I point two fingers to my eyes, then point them to Zion, as if saying I’m watching you.

“Oh. That’s lovely, John. I didn’t know you’re very protective of me.” Sherlock smirks.



Character Sketch #2 – General Michael Smith

Fan Art - General Smith

This is my visualized image for my Science Fiction character, General Michael Smith. I drew this using Photoshop, yes I’m not so good at sketching in Photoshop hahaha. But more likely, this is what the general looks like. General Michael Smith appears in my science fiction story, titled “Zion: The Pursuit of Positive Crime.”

Who is General Michael Smith?

He’s the war general and the first commander of Panes green soldiers. In Panes, there’s no Vice president, only a President and the next in rank to him is the Command General, which is General Michael Smith. He is often called as General Smith. He’s the major war strategist.

General Smith believes that combat machines and gadgets are useful. He has a strong conviction that machines exist for humans to use, but to him machines don’t have will of their own. He is fond of the combat machine Zion and it is hinted that Zion did something in the past for him that gives him faith for Zion and his mission.

If you’re interested to read the whole story, you can check it out

Zion the Combat Machine – more than 1.1k Reads!


Yay! This is to celebrate my Zion who has recently reached 1.1k+ reads on Wattpad! Haha. Well, not much but this number is already an achievement to me and to Zion, hooray! Thanks to my solid supporters and readers, my dearie friends, Jowee and Blessie! And to all readers of Zion, the Pursuit of Positive Crime.

Behold, Zion is still on the run!

You can read Zion here–if you haven’t check it out yet, you will miss a portion of your life! haha.

Zion: The Pursuit of Positive Crime Youtube Trailer

Zion, a combat machine, is finally set out to complete his mission after his ten years of waiting. Set in a futuristic Cenyth, where humans and machines are fashioned in neon, Zion has to find his “mission” only to meet this person who is–despite the colorful city, still clad in his old-fashioned noble cloak. And…is he with a butler?!

Later in the story, Zion finds himself in the company of a hot-tempered noble lord, a butler, and a blind woman named Yolanda in the midst of a universal havoc. And much to his unexpected journey, the very person whom he needs to find is actually a…? Well, that’s a secret for now.

What is the reason behind Zion’s mission? Why did he have to wait 10 long years?

A sci-fi story with lots of action, humor, robots, flying ships and a whole pack of weird people and a combat A.I. joined together in the midst of machine invasion.